Growth August 1, 2020

When and why did you get your first hater?

Maxim Zubarev @mxmzb

If you've got a hater on you (either personally or on your project), we want to hear everything about it.

What did you do to get someone hating on you? How did you handle it? Did you approach your hater? Do you still have the hater on you?

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    My first hater start as soon I start getting good things in my life, a career, a agency and building things.

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      An actual, active hater? Sounds like he/she must have been actually quite close to you to envy you for that. Sorry that you have to deal with that!

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    I've been doing this a long time and I find the most ardent haters usually are users of your product. This is the really difficult thing about soliciting customer feedback. Everyone thinks if you listen to your customers you'll improve your product. That's true but haters will show up 100% of the time and focus their energy on one small thing that bothers them. You've got to make a determination for yourself which of those things you will and won't pursue.

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      I'm not sure if users of your product who like to complain about it can be called haters. They are just users who are used to complaining too much IMHO. A hater would be someone who actively tries to harm you or your business.

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        As I said: The most ardent haters are users of your product. For example, I run some web forums and one whacko who used our forums for years decided to try to post a bunch of offensive material to get us shut down. He used the product. He liked the product. At some point he decided to hate us so hard that he tried to make it so nobody could use our product. Simply because he didn't agree with some choices we made. I have seen this pattern happen time and time again: The people who hate you the most do so because they care the most. If they never used your product they probably wouldn't care.

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          I see, sorry you have to go through such bullshit!

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    I was born with haters personally. People does not like to hear/read the truth always...

    Then I had some haters on my side project, the one with the colors...

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      How did the hater affect your side project?

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        it didn't. I ignored it.

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    So far no haters yet.

    I handle pissed-off users with "unconditional optimism" though. always be empathetic.

    Changed at least five 1-star reviews to 5-star ones.

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      Nicely handled! Buffles me, how some people just don't base their product rating on the product itself.