Ideas and Validation May 24, 2020

When did/will you leave your 9-5 for your project?

Louis Tromans @LouTromans

Hey guys - I need some advice again!

Hopefully this will help a few of you guys too... I want to know when you guys gave up you 9-5 and went full time into your own project?

  1. What is the project name/link?
  2. What does it do in a nut shell?
  3. What revenue/user number did you quit the 9-5 at?
  4. Why then?

Please answer as honestly as you can (if you can).

Thank you in advance!! :D

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    I've officially quit today 😂
    I'm working on an Android app for Yoga, so far it's just very simple list of poses /exercises. I created this app because I was looking for such a basic list and couldn't find anything in form of an app.
    So far no revenue, but I decided to quit because I was really struggling to get even the first version finished with 9-5 job. I know that lot of people are capable of creating side projects while having full time job, but I guess I'm not one of those people. I need to focus on one thing at a time.

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      What was your full time job?

      And going all-in on a project is something I believe to be heavily important. You've got your back against the wall. Do or die mentality. You have to make it work now!

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        Web developer.

        Yes, I agree, I hope it will push me to work harder now that I don't have the comfort of having a stable salary anymore.

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    I left my 9-5 job (a long time ago) to start an independent software development business, and not just for a specific project. I did have a few clients I started working for on vacation time and weekends to get me started before I left. I also had another developer feeding me some of their overflow work which helped a lot when I first started.

    One point I'll make, is that if you are actually cut out for being on your own, you will never want to go back to the 9-5 grind. Honestly, it's like breaking out of the matrix and living on a completely different playing field than most of the world. Your frame of mind on how the world works changes. Even though I've thought about going back to it at times and not deal with the self-employed hassles anymore, the truth is I'd rather just scrape by doing my own thing than have a more stable income and less stress. Not everyone is cut out for it though. It has had its soaring highs, and some pretty disheartening lows.

    Another word of advice: If you do it, make sure you have work that you are passionate about and derive true enjoyment from doing. Don't just do it "for the money". You will regret it otherwise.

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      Thank you so much.

      That was such a great read. I felt like I was actually breaking out of the Matrix from just reading that.

      I'm looking forward to that feeling for real.

      I would never do it for the money. Purpose and enjoyment always.

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    Spread -

    Turn youtube videos into podcasts, podcasts into blogs and blogs into social media posts

    Still going, 115 beta users signed up, £0 revenue

    I believe I will go full time by the time I reach £2k MRR

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      Just signed up.

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      This is an interesting project <3

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        Thank you very much!

        What made you sign up? (if you don't mind me asking)

        Also link me your content channels if you have any up right now. I would love to check out your content and follow/subscribe :)