When should you start building in public?

When working on a side project should you build in public from the very early inception or when you have a working prototype?

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    I’ve recently started a new project. I’m working on getting the frontend framework in place so I can get some nice screenshots and throw up a landing page. Once the landing page is up, I’ll start to Build In Public as a way to drive traffic there. Until the landing page is up and I can capture emails, I don’t want to start in public - don’t want to risk an impulse registration from the first interaction.

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      Agree, this is what I’m doing; building just enough to have a functional landing page and email registration so I can reach out to customers later once an MVP beta is ready.

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      I see, build in public once you have enough to validate an idea.

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    I am also facing the same challenge. Personally, it is not so much a question of when to start but the pragmatic issues: 'building in public' can take a fair bit of time creating quality content that documents the process plus detracts your attention and even motivation as you focus on 'growing your audience' (vanity metrics?).

    Something I am going to try to do to mitigate some of this challenges is to build in public, but have a buffer of when things get published. So for instance, I'll be loading all the progress on to a social media content scheduler and dripping things a few days later.

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      Yeah I think this is what I was facing. The issue is I don't really have any substantial content to post and I don't want it to take my focus away from actually trying to build the side project. I guess I'll know when I have enough when the right time comes along, thank you.

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    Anytime is a good time :)

    You don't have to show much in the beginning, you can even talk about how you formulate the product, the ideation process etc

    Once you're more traction, maybe you can mentioned some numbers as well.

    I had a BIP 2 months ago for VenturesList, I usually talk about the product once a week on twitter.

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      I think I'm going to start doing that. I do have enough of a basic prototype to talk about it, thanks.

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    Only build in public when that public is your ideal customer. And even then, 75% of people should focus their time on execution and sharing with a small group of trusted peers.

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      What if your build in public audience is not your customer, but you just want to build in public because it's fun? Do you think it would be detrimental?

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        So it might waste your time. So if you have kids and a spouse and time is tight, then maybe consider that.

        But damn, so few things are truly fun any more so if it brings you real joy... do it. ❤️

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    Building in public takes real courage and commitment. I personally find it very difficult to do but for what it's worth, a lot of people swore that it has helped their project grow a lot.

    It doesn't matter at what stage you start building in public. Some started when they only had an idea, some started after they have launched a public beta. The key is to publish consistently.

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      I agree, do a little everyday and keep the momentum.

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    I all my three projects in public, and I love it.

    I did my last two since day 1

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    Start as soon as you can. I was thinking to start once I build my landing page at least but just in couple days of working don't know what happened and I just said fuck it. And started building in public.

    I just just working and writing about it for last 3-4 days.

    Outcome in last 3 days?

    1. Live tweeting my progress is keeping my productivity high
    2. I don’t have much followers but 1 person still reached out to me in DM and extended support and help and shared some new insights with me.
    3. Someone whom I admired in the industry, followed me back and talked with over tweet - I guess these are first steps to build real relationships.
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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      Ok, I see. Sounds like its really contingent on what the product and audience is, thanks.

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