March 25, 2019

When you build something, do you ask yourself if it should exist?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I ask this because Caterina Fake (previous co-founder of Flickr) has started a new podcast which explores interesting questions about products that are being made. Thought it would be of interest to people here.

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    I love the idea for this podcast. I'll definitely be giving it a listen.

    Asking that question is so important. When I was in design school, we actually had a mandatory class just for this subject called "Design Futures".

    It was largely research and discussions on the ethics of introducing products to the world. And a great excuse to watch 'Black Mirror' as a class...

  2. 1

    That sounds super interesting. I do ask myself that. I also would not invent or create something that seems not ethical to me - even if it would bring in a lot of money.

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