Newsletter Crew November 19, 2020

Where are the newsletter directories?

Yehuda Brickman @yehuda

I'm sure there are some out there already, can someone who knows about them post links below?

If not, I'm building one so like and comment to express your interest 😆

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    Do you plan to start with a specific niche? I imagine there are 42304230 newsletters out there in 500+ industries.

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    If you are going to just list them by category or w/e, it's been done for several times as you've imagined and no-one remembers their names. This should be the hint for you.

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      Haha, yup, been done a thousand times I see.

      I can't tell if this means that there's no need for it or just that they've all executed pretty badly on the idea (I think they could all be improved massively).

      What do you think?

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        I agree, I had a project in the shelve where a bot subscribes to newsletters and gather latest posts. I didn't went through building a frontend, yet. If you have a better execution, that's great.

        From what I've read so far, nobody searches for it. "What are the best newsletters about tech" for example. There is no such a volume. Every author works their way through ads or different networks, cross promoting etc.

        One project that I've kept an eye on was They have more audience compared to me, better network amongst authors, it was a better approach to those directories. However, results are not satisfying from where I stand.

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          I agree with you. While it's nice for the ego to say we have the largest directory of newsletters I don't know who search for them. I discover newsletters through Twitter, blog posts and other newsletters.

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          I think they might not be searching because no service really indexes this in a halfway decent way. I’m assuming some amount of traffic is driven from inside of substack but that leaves out every other platform (which the number of are growing by the day) so I think some form of unification could be interesting. Kind of like how iTunes, when it was still a thing, had charts for the best podcasts.

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    Hey @Yehuda.

    How can I email you?

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      Hey, you can email me at 😊

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    Nice list with direct links to submission forms and additional information.

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    There are a few directories

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      Haha, I meant what @anilkilic answered but thanks! Maybe I'll post specifically to the group asking around there.

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