Developers June 1, 2020

Where can i find cool images that are cartoon like that i can embed in my website.. Just like google does, please find below image.. Thanks


I really see this images cool and i need to include them in my website. But i don't know what those kind of pictures are called. What name are they called ?

  1. 1 is another one that I don't think was mentioned. One unsolicited piece of advise, go easy on the usage - they seem to be over-used these days...

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      The best one

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    They are called Illustrations. has some plenty. They aren’t free, but they are customisable in SVG so you do as you please with them.

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    Check out 🖐🏼

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    I'm using envato elements, it is good and you'll get all the graphic resources that are needed for your project

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    I don't think they have a specific name, other than (vector) illustrations. There are various styles however.

    No one has mentioned yet, which is a free resource. Then you can get them at creative / design marketplaces like and Hopefully one day, you will be able to acquire some off my website, which is what I'm working on currently... just not the illustration part yet.

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      No one has mentioned yet

      Because every second project already uses them...

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    Checkout They offer images for Free for personal as well as commercial use. you can even customize them on their site.

    Shameless plug: if you were on my newsletter list, you had known this tool 3-4 days ago.

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    Check out I'm using some of their freebies.

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    Here is one place to get such pictures