August 5, 2020

Where did you find icons for your landing page?

Jonah @jonahwest

Hey All,

Many of you have beautiful landing pages full of drawings, colors, pictures and icons. They definitely invoke a feeling of professionalism and trust in the viewer, though I must ask, where did you get them? I'm sure many fellow Indie Hackers are far more visually talented than I am, but for those of use who aren't so great with design, it seems hard to find ready-to-use icons or drawings.

For my product, Taskwise, I'm using the Google Material Icons which work but aren't exactly pretty. Any suggestions?

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      pro tip, instead of making your icons huge you can give them a colorful background like this:

      Icons like this aren't supposed to be scaled that much because they lack detail!

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      These look really promising, thanks!

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      +1, everything @adamwathan and steve do at tailwind is top notch :)

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      Awesome! I’ve never seen this. Thanks for sharing :)

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    We really like iconify.

    Also, I have to say I'm a huge massive fan of "try it now - no signup required".

    Kudos to you for going that route.

    And for what looks like a really neat tool!

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    Undraw offers great illustrations, and it even let's you set an accent color

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    I just launched a free set (indie icons) and a premium set (splash icons), both can be found here:

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    I had a designer make all of my illustrations and icons for my site, helps that she is my wife - but sill :) - But for real tho - you should try connecting with some designers and illustrators that can help give you a look and feel you are trying to achieve.

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    I think icon sets like Google Material, Font Awesome, Hero Icons, etc are more suited to the application itself rather than the landing page. They're kinda ugly on bigger sizes.

    Also, it can slow down the site quite a bit if you're importing the whole package.

    So for the landing, I like Flaticons, there are lots of pretty icons there for a reasonable price.

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      I agree with you. I think they are awful. The ones you mentioned.

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    I use Noun Project

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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      This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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        Couldn't agree more. They're beautiful icons but every now and then you run into a case where they don't have a basic icon most other sets have.

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