Design and UX August 4, 2020

Where do designers hang out?

Jsc @jsco

The Webdesign subreddit is the only online community of designers that I could find and it's also not that active. Are there any other places designers hang out at online?

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    I'll be following this post. I've been looking hard for a designer that can also code front end. I know it'll be hard, but I'm hoping I can strike gold if I dig hard enough.

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      Let us know of your progress !

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        I've already got a few DM's just from posting this. Hopefully you have had the same.

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    This one may be obvious but I am starting to follow more and more designers over on Twitter – it's a great way to share work and get feedback on ideas.

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    Designers Guild in facebook

    But i am a lot on Twitter and dribbble

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    Behance, dribbble, Slack

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    Designers Guild (FB), Design Twitter, Dribbble, Behance, Designernews.

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    Hi Jesco, what type of designer are you looking for? UI, Front-End, UX? You can try Designer Hangout on Slack. They have a decent amount of people in there.

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    Usually at Dribbble and Behance, but also in Telegram & Slack design chats, but most of them are closed or bored. Try to find something there:

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    Apart from the mentioned ones, take a look also at :)

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    Maybe you can try finding some relevant groups on Facebook. I have heard Facegroup Groups are quite active.

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    Check out UnitedDesigners on Slack, lovely group with lots of experienced designers.

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    Dribbble, Behance, Github, and Indiehackers ;)

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      The first 3 aren't really communities though, more looking for forums and stuff like that. I guess I could also try some facebook groups and slack channels...

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        Oh ok I see what you mean. Yeah I am on a Slack channel that works pretty well.

  12. 1 has been a great place. Has a good Discord community

    As well as The Designership Slack

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    Twitter is probably the most active place for designers.

    Dribbble is more of a portfolio site.

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    Beyond places that identify themselves as "for designers" I've found it useful to start thinking about industry specific jargon, tools, and techniques and then start plugging those into google with other terms like help, tutorial, how to, confused, and other problem-oriented keywords to help you surface discussions that are indexed by google but not necessarily in places that are exclusively for designers (or ARE for designers, but you wouldn't know if from the title).

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    As the others have said, Dribble and Behance. There are also a lot of Designer/Dev hybrids hanging out on

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