Where do people here chat in real-time?

Is there a Discord or anything like that?

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    There isn't an official IH Slack/Discord, our focus is on serving the community here.

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      Would it be frowned upon to create one?

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        It would certainly impact engagement here if it would take off, which is fundamentally why you don't see an "official" channel.

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        You're welcome to create an unoffical indie type Slack, it would be up to you to maintain it.

        Slacks are running communities, which isn't always an easy task.

        There's a few indie type Slacks around:

        Indie London
        Indie Women
        Makers Kitchen
        Indie WorldWide

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          Well I certainly wish the best of luck to @mihir , but as you pointed out @rosiesherry , it would certainly stand to reason that the focus of this community is engaging on this site and utilizing this sort of medium.

          I certainly can see the value of a real time chat environment, but there is the fact of issues related to its transitory nature. Such is not the case within a forum environment.

          Then there's the specific software systems suggested for such a temporary medium - closed source proprietary Software, one of which, is about to be gobbled up and purchased by the Salesforce corporate silo. That definitely reeks of anything BUT Indy, or FOSS, or community, as does that pretty little Discord. Personally, I don't see either of these as a better alternative than an IRC chan on Freenode. And they're arguably insecure platforms.

          Telegram is indeed secure, and yet exceedingly inferior to Matrix, but that's another discussion entirely.

          The bottom line however, is that Courtland determined that his preference in building an Indy community would be what we already have here right now, and if he chose to integrate live chat into the site he certainly could, at such time as he deems it beneficial to the community.

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    I'd like to see a IH discord channel.

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    Makerlog has a telegram group that has a very similar audience to IHs

    I prefer discord >telegram > slack :)

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    I had the same question in past refer here

    So after this post, I have just created one telegram group Let's try this together.

    cc: @Veslav3

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    I don't think so, never heard of it. But that's a good idea!

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