Design and UX January 17, 2020

Where do you find/buy logos?

Yaro Bagriy @yaroslawbagriy

Where do you find/buy logos? Looking to purchase a logo for my business. The logo doesn't need to be super professional, but decently priced.

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    I used this logo generator for my app logo. It is really cheap and extremely useful.

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      I just tried it with my company name and found out that my original designer also used this service hahaha

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    If you need something custom, we at would love to help.

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    You can create your own if you don't want to spend any money.

    I have a quick tutorial to show you how to do it on

    Start watching at 21:40

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    I'm working on a personal project at the moment and I'm not planning on using a logo (because logos cost money and personal project budgets don't have money). If page load speeds and other performance concerns aren't an issue I use a font from Google Fonts and a unique name for the "brand" and that combination is the logo. Kind of like what Microsoft did with the bold italic Helvetica:

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      Great idea!

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    For a simple logo for cheap I cannot recommend (formerly LogoJoy) enough!

    You can create a logo for free, then it's about $60 if you want all the High Quality Exports and Assets.

    Here's a few that I've made.

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    You can also try to make it in is free

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    I use two things for your logo, for free :

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    You can try on Dribbble too, I remember when I was searching someone to make logo, couple designers (which portfolio I liked) wanted about $300

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    Shopify has a free logo designer:

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    A really long time ago (like 10 years ago) I used to earn pocket money by creating logos on, it was the leading platform at that time for graphic assets, maybe it's still relevant today.

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      A project I worked on used 99designs (about 10 years ago!) for a logo, and it worked out well.

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    I've always used Upwork for logo design and it's perfectly fine. The Koala Rank logo was done on Upwork for $350 and I'm perfectly happy with it. A basic style guide was also provided.

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      I've been searching Logogrounds too, which have around the same prices. I'll try Upwork and see what I can get. Thank you!

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    If you have a high budget you can check instagram/behance for some pro logo designers. If not so maybe you can find some already made ones that you can purchase on the cheap side.

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      The Budget is probably less then $200. I don't think a logo design needs to be super pro for a side project, at least at the start.

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        If you want something techy and minimalist maybe i can help you with something.

        If you need any branding specs DM me and we can work something out.

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    Asking around people you know is a good start. I had my logo for designed this way by my former high school classmate. You tell me whether you find the result appealing!

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    I'm using for the first time and like the process so far. The logo will cost you $299 and so far I've received close to 85 logo submissions. A few designers have even made modifications based on my feedback.

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    99designs, for sure. The problem is the pricing. Really expensive.

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    I'm terrible at creating graphics/drawing and I didn't want to spend money on the logo so my mum created my own lol. She's not a designer but she is quite art and crafty

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    I've found 99designs to be the best bang for your buck. Getting to see multiple variations was helpful for me.

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    I used and got a couple logos for (including the one used) for $12

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    I googled open source logos and found Looks awesome!

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    🚀 Hey, Yaroslaw! I'm a professional branding designer, ready to help you out with your logo needs! Hit me up through email - [email protected] and we would discuss it further 🚀

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    What do people usually pay when getting a logo for a side project?

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      Thanks for the recommendation. Looks like he has a lot of reviews and decent prices. Might hit him up.