Growth September 16, 2020

Where do you go to learn about growth?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I'm curating some resources around business growth and looking for your wise recommendations.

What have been the best resources for you to learn about growth for indie hackers?

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    Here are the top few for me:

    1. Brain Balfour:
    2. Corey Haines:
    3. Julian(of course):
    4. CXL:
    5. Baremetircs Blog:
    6. BAMF(focused on Hacks):

    Keynotes/Workshops by: Alistair Croll, Andrew Chen, Guillaume Cabane, Sean Ellis are also insight-packed!

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    In Growth for the past 5 years. Most of my learning comes from practice and experiments.

    My fav resources and people I follow:

    • Andrew Chen, a16z
    • Brian Balfour, Reforge
    • Elizabeth Yin, Hustle Fund
    • Julian Shapiro, Demand Curve
    • Mentorship ->
    • Content -> CopyBlogger
    • Our beloved IH god -> Marketing Examples @harrydry
    • Email -> Really Good Emails
    • Social Media ->
    • Paid Ads -> Klient Boost
    • And @rosiesherry for community engagement
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    Indieletters is a great resource although it's a newsletter that comes packed with actionable insights about growth.

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      Thank you so much for adding it.

      • Falak.
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    My best resource for learning about growth (that works) is learning from people who've done something I want to do recently. So:

    • IndieHackers Milestones
    • Contacting people who recently got successful with an acquisition source (like being featured on PH in case I want to get on ProductHunt)
    • People who recently got into page 1 on the keyword I want to rank for
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