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Where do you host your blog?


Hi Indiehackers, I'm thinking of starting a blog, what technologies/hosting services do you guys use for your blogs? What things should I keep in mind?

Thank you.

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    If you want a piece of mind, try

    When trying any blogging platform, choose the one that doesn't get in your way. Better to not start with any self hosted nonsense when you don't need them, stay away from static generators, because eventually you'll be spending time keeping them up, host them, config them, update them etc.

    Self hosted and static site generators look fancy at first sight, but after all you'll find out you need a place to write and publish and do devOps etc.

    I have enough programming knowledge and skills that setup any self hosted solution or static site generator and even automate it, but tbh I prefer to just start writing right away without worrying about too much.

    Try something simple, later when you need more tools and configuration use something else.

    Disclaimer: I'm a co-founder of GoNevis blogging platform.

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    I'm using WordPress and host it on Cloudways (Digital Ocean). But, it always depends on your goal and target audience.

  3. 1 Is one of the best platforms I find exclusively just for blogging.

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    Try out[].
    It's a hosted blogging platform which allows you to simply focus on writing.

    You can also set it up to automatically cross post to other platforms (such as Medium) for more distribution.

    Some other time saving features are:

    • Automatic featured image generation
    • Unlimited users, with different permission levels
    • Inbuilt analytics (powered by Simple Analytics). No need for cookie notices
    • Use your custom domain
    • Write in Markdown

    Of course, it'll have the things you'd expect from a blog today

    • Use your custom logo/favicon
    • RSS feeds

    You can take a look at the demo here.

    Disclaimer: I'm the founder of Swish.

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    Hosting my blog on Netlify, it's built with GoHugo.

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    I'm building a platform for writers who are familiar with git and markdown.

    Hit me up if that describes you. If not, try substack or gonevis.

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    signed up the other day with substack but only because it took 5 minutes to get up and running. Will consider doing something a bit more sophisticated in the future.

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    My blogs is hosted at Blogger.

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    I use self-hosted Ghost for my blogs. The pages load almost instantly. Love the writing experience with it too. Feels so much lighter and smoother than Wordpress.

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    I have a Hugo blog which is pipelined from Gitlab to Netlify.

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    We currently have a Medium blog, but thinking of moving to a self-hosted Ghost instance.

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    What’s the blog going to be about? Who’s your target audience?

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