Podcasters December 2, 2019

Where do you host your Podcast?


I'm launching a new podcast on behalf of an organisation this month and exploring hosting options.

Simple Cast https://simplecast.com/features-pricing/ comes highly recommended for its features. Any other ideas or suggestions?

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    I started out on Libsyn, but quickly switched over to Transistor (https://transistor.fm/) once I got to know the founders and the platform. It is amazing.

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      +1 for Transistor. It's great.

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    Definitely recommend Transistor as well. It's a great host and makes it super simple to add new episodes and new shows if you ever want more than one.

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    I'm not a typical podcaster, but as a developer, I wanted to self host Practical (https://practical.fm/) as I wanted to do special things with the episode pages down the road, and wanted the SEO of benefits of hosting and managing the pages directly. Will be blogging about the setup I have in the next couple of weeks when the podcast is live.

    Transistor (https://transistor.fm/) is built fellow IndieHacker @mijustin and is used by a lot of folks around here.

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      Looking forward to seeing your setup Mubs.

      I am building a site so I can add transcripts and add information beyond basic show notes.

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    Are you planning on building your own website?

    If not, take a look at an example site from different providers and see which one you like.

    Are you going to have one show or more than one?

    Transistor charges per downloads and not per show, so if your organization wants multiple shows it'll probably be cheaper. If you only need one, then other providers may be cheaper and usually have much higher download limits.

    Do you want to have transcripts for your podcast?

    Simplecast provides a place for you to display them while Transistor does not.

    There are many questions you can ask yourself while you decide!

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    I use Joomla along with this Podcast plugin https://extensions.joomla.org/extension/podcast-manager/

    It's free and works for my purposes.

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    Loving transistor. Just published another show, so easy and love the share page.

    Social links looks like:

    Software Should be Free: Oh no people are contributing to schema explorer! https://share.transistor.fm/s/01ce7c94