May 22, 2019

Where do you work and does the environment influence your productivity?

Dinesh Raman @dineshraman

Many of us work in breathtaking offices or a hole in a wall, cafes or co-working spaces, home or in a park, in the city we live or while traveling around the world.

What does your office or space look like and does it influence your work? You can share pictures or videos or type it out. (I'll add mine below).


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    I don't know if you mean daily job or working on side projects. I'm almost 22 and I work as a software developer for 3 years now, 3 days from an office and 2 days remotely. Unfortunately the space or people from my job don't influence me at all, most of them just don't like what they do or simply don't have any ambitions to do something more on their own.

    Currently I work on my SaaS product and I hope I will be able to work full time on my business in the future, well I'm not going to quite until I achieve it. As a side hustle I import cars from US and sell them in Poland, but I don't want to do it for a living. Anyway it tooks me small amount of time so as for now it's a nice source of additional $$.

    I moved house to the suburbs and I really enjoy working from my small "office". I'm definitely more productive there because I like silence when I'm working. I always turn off the phone and all of the notifications on my laptop so nobody can interrupt me.

    As for motivation I try to connect and stay in touch with people who achieve more than me, not just in IT related fields. Also I read quite a lot of books so that's what influence me. :)

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    I work in a van down by the river..

    Jk, I work from home and have a small desk (from target) with a rolly chair. I use my MacBook with a second monitor and a keyboard/mouse and I have a helicopter pilot style mic headset for calls. Keep a small table to the side for my coffee, usually a few notebooks, and clutter.

    Last place I lived I had a bigger desk and I think it made it slightly easier to be productive

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    Sure, I'll bite. I work from home. My "office" doubles as a drying room where we hang laundry when it rains (common thing in Japan). The walls are wood, with a sliding door window behind me and a window on my right. My desk is an adjustable stand/sit desk of walnut color which I got from Nitori. On top of it, I rigged a full width "shelf" (which is really just a board of similar color with 4 feet attached to earthquake-resistant pads). On top of that I house my iMac (the larger version) and a Viotek some-large-size curved monitor. I've got a custom built rig by my feet, 2 keyboards, 2 mice, my macbook is in the closet. My room features an LED light that adjusts brightness any which way you like. Above my monitor is a small book shelf with 4 books on it {Making Sense of Mutual Funds | All About Asset Allocation | The Great Depression, A Diary | Devil Take The Hindmost}. A cork board hangs next to the book shelf above my iMac. Here I have a bunch of papers pinned, most I never look at. On the back wall I have a whiteboard with some daily goals on it. Occasionally I take a look at it. Wooden floors, wall AC, fan, dehumidifier, laser printer, air purifier. My desk is a mess - a mix of papers, notepads, sketch pads, clip board, laundry clips, charging cords, pen holder, external SSDs (3). That's pretty much it. My day is constantly disrupted by my kid who runs in here and climbs on my lap and mashes on my keyboards, testing their durability with his teeth. I am lucky if I can get a few hours of work in before 8 pm (his bed time), and then I do most of my actual work (8pm-1am usually).