Learning to Code March 4, 2020

Where should I start to get going?

Saboor @saboor994

Hi. I'm an absolute beginner to the world of development. Having no prior experience in coding. And I'm about to start. But my objective is to integrate the developing skill acquired into products. As in my surroundings where coders take it on in the traditional way doing freelancing, and taking it as a part time gig. But I'm ready to give it my time energy and resources.

I want to take it further on as a business man rather than mere a coder. Where should I start and what should I keep in mind to outsource it as a successful entrepreneur.

Would any one spare some time and give their experienced suggestion on the matter?


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    Step 1: Learn basics of programming. Find & complete a free course using Python.

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      Thanks rab. been busy coding already.

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        Checklist: variables, datatypes, operators, conditionals, functions, parameters, loops, input, output, import, classes, properties, methods, inheritance, try/except

        Bonus: if u can get your head around recursion and also pointers (the theory) you will be ahead of many others.

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          Thank you so much @rab. Literally added into my pocketbook.

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              @rab, Hi. I'm doing great. error, try, tutorials and re execution. Any suggestion for study material?

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                No sorry. Once comfortable with fundamentals of programming find & complete course on basic web development (python or PHP)

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                  Checklist: client/server, request/response, GET/POST, templates, forms, cookies, sessions, json, html, css, javascript (don't get lost too deep in css or js)

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                    Sure @rab. So nice of you. Thanks again.

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                      Are you still winning?

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    I don't really understand your question? What are you asking exactly?

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      Joshdance, I asked that I'm an absolute beginner to the world of coding. I want to know where should I start, and what to keep in mind while going ahead?

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        Nice! Welcome.

        Pick a very small project and try to build it. You will learn a lot as you try to solve specific problems.

        Once you do that a few times, see if you can complete outsourced coding tasks. This will also teach you a ton.

        Keep building stuff. Good luck!

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          Thank you Joshdance. I'll keep that in mind.

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    If you're looking for a good primer to get started check out freecodecamp. I've found their lessons to be beginner friendly and to give you enough of a foundation to get started. You won't be expert at the end of it, but you'll have a good place to start from and grow.

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      Thanks. I joined it just now.

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    Not experienced, but here are my two cents :

    I would suggest start small (I know it's cliché). Try to solve a very small problem that you would love someone else to solve (Be your own customer). Ship your product as fast as possible. As far as coding or technology is concerned, go with what's popular so that when you are stuck, you have a community to help you out.

    Cheers 🍻

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      Thanks rcoold for kind suggestion.

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    Sitting in the same boat Sir.

    I've been co-owning a data-driven company for the last few years and want to "level up" by learning to code, to develop new products within that industry, as well as giving a few other entirely unrelated ideas a go (side projects).

    Do you want to build MVPs from scratch entirely yourself, or do you have a budget from the start?

    If the latter, then you're more aiming for a product manager type role, where it's more about understanding what goes into building the product, get an overview of technology as a whole and then have the actual coding executed by a freelancer or employee.

    If you are building at least the MVPs yourself, then what kind of products are we talking about? Desktop software, web sites, web apps?

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      Monk85. I'm actually a digital marketer. On and off did some drop shipping business but they were not up to the scale where revenue and resources synchronized. Exhausted, took a gap of two years doin' nothing. I've been actually pretty dull after a long time scuttling back and forth without a clear goal and target in mind. Now, I'm back and I know its not late to thrive in back - but with a bossa nova. And what I'm wanting to do is to getting my hands wet in the current wave to level up as you Sir said. I probably will build MVPs first as I don't have a big capital intensive to execute what I might consider to give a try. I'm knitting on to ''software as a service'' as my business model - for the good as I'm a content marketer myself. Still, maybe I wont be a good one in the current flourished developing industry, but at least I would want to level up and try what happens. I might do web developing too, and apps. As I said I want to give it my time and energy.

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