Growth October 29, 2020

Where should I take my product now?

Alex @alex_b_h

I created Just Launched last week.

  • launched on Product Hunt (163 upvotes)
  • 122 user sign ups
  • 47 products submitted

I've enabled public facing analytics in an attempt to be more transparent, but other than sending out the email every morning, a little lost how to move this startup index forward.

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    Hi Alex!

    Are you looking for more submitted products or subscribers?
    If the former, I can suggest trying to add just-launched to “Where to post your project” lists. I’ve used a few for posting my product.

    Here are some examples:

    BTW- I’ve signed up to just-launched with my own project ( a few days ago :)

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      Thanks @ramram! That's a good list. I see Queues as well! Looking forward to it being featured.

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    Hi Alex!
    Have you tried reach communities on twitter or reddit?
    You can start by creating a twitter page for Just-Launched and then connecting to all indiehackers.
    Each day tweet about the daily startup.

    If you'll build a nice following on tw , it could be also an incentive for other indiehackers to submit their project since they could get more exposure also on tw!

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      Sure have! am tweeting the featured product every day. I posted in the thread yesterday on IH about connecting on Twitter, but you're right I need to be more proactive about that

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        Nice! Sorry but i did not find it when i 've searched it :)

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    Hi Alex,

    If you launched only on PH & Twitter you have plenty of opportunities left like:

    • Startup directories
    • Facebook groups
    • guest post on relevant blogs
    • Slack/Discord chat groups
    • Online communities

    I just launched a product that could help ->

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