June 23, 2019

Where to find affilliates for my SaaS?

Usama Ejaz @usamaejaz

As the title suggests, I recently built the affiliates system for my SaaS application. Now where to find affiliates? What are your experiences if any?

SaaS i am talking about is: https://socialbu.com

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    I've had good experiences both with Shareasale and Rakuten.

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    The trick with finding affiliates is simple...Find your competitors first and put a better offer together.

    You find your competition, you find your customers and your affiliates too!

    If your product is somewhat better and your affiliate offer triumphs competitors offer...they’ll be coming to you.

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    The landing page says that you have 500+ clients. They are the best affiliate you can find. They pay for your product so they can tell others what they find valuable.

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    I suggest you post what your product is about and what would be the advantage for those affiliates/referrals here.

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      just updated the post. socialbu.com is the product.

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        Why did you build a referral system instead of going with https://partners.grsm.io/JN
        They already have a huge network.

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