Where to find the quotes that appear when IH opens?

Am I the only one that keeps refreshing the Indie Hackers page to discover some inspirational quotes 😅?
Is there a place where I can just browse for all the quotes that appear randomly. ?
Some of these quotes are the reason why I am focusing now on building and shipping fast and I would love to save them but they can disappear so fast 😢.

Thanks in advance :)

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    Solution here by @hessel . Thanks again!

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    Not sure if they are located anywhere to be easily accessible, but you can manually browse all 100 (think there are 100 of them), by simply accessing these urls. Looks like each full page refresh, they randomly load 1..99


    If you don't want to manually click each one, would be pretty easy to write a ruby, python, or node script to download and save each one for you.

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      Omg, thanks a lot for the fast answer !!!
      I will write a script to get all the quotes :)

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