April 1, 2019

Where to find WordPress Developers for In-House Roles

James Kemp @jamesckemp

Hey all,

Has anyone gone through the hiring process? I'm on the lookout for a WordPress developer to work in-house in Leamington Spa, UK.

I'm not sure where to advertise the position. I've used Indeed (Paid) and the applicants are far from desirable. Most didn't even have any experience as a developer.

Any ideas where I should advertise the job?

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    I think it being in house you'll struggle vs it being remote.

    I've found good developers from other countries like Eastern Europe or South America (just avoid certain ones)

    Do you have strong reasons as to why in house?

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      Strongly agree with this. I've had to hire developers in the UK and it is especially difficult in non mainstream locations outside of London, Manchester etc. I can't imagine you'll have a lot of high quality developers located around Lemington Spa...

      If you can swing it I'd highly recommend trying to go remote. Do it as a trial at first and make sure there is plenty of oversight initially - daily video-call standups etc.

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        Yes, this definitely seems like the way to go, it seems. I suppose my preference for in-house is because that's what I'm used to in terms of development. The rest of my team is remote.

        I've opened the job up to remote developers now too, so will see how it goes!

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    Here are a few suggestions:

    • You're going to get quite a few low quality applicants regardless - try to craft a job posting which puts as many of them off as possible

    • If you're only getting totally unqualified applicants, that's a sign that your job posting is confusing/poorly written (ie attracts the wrong applicants), not that you're posting in the wrong place...

    • Ask the best developers and founders you know locally to you who they would recommend. Really press for introductions.

    • Ask them to look over your job posting as well - they may spot red flags which are stopping quality applicants from applying (for example if your compensation package is way below market)

    Good luck!

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      Thanks, appreciate the feedback!

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