May 1, 2019

Where to go from here?

Bilal @seattlehacker

Hey Hackers -

I released the first version for my web app 9 GANS a few days ago:

9 GANs is a Dynamic Art Gallery that refreshes hourly, generated using Artificial Intelligence.

It got some attention with almost 100 upvotes on Product Hunt but I don't really know where to go from here. Not sure if I should reach out to tech people or art people.

Any advice on how I can get more eyeballs on it? I think it is a pretty unique project and falls in line with the increased interest in AI right now.

Appreciate any feedback and advice!



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    You can think about:

    • allowing users to connect with their social media account and/or allow them to bookmark/share any of your art production,
    • creating a queue which display the current production but also the previous one because if you come just before a new production, you click on it to see it bigger and when you come back you can't get it back,
    • creating a landing page which informs about the technology used,
    • maybe provide a pro account which allow subscribers to give parameters to get customized generated arts
    • allow users to upvote for the generated arts

    Hope this helps

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      The upvote feature would be cool if I can reconcile with the temporary nature of the art. Maybe if an image gets a certain number of upvotes in the hour it gets to remain on some top ten leaderboard.

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      Thanks - good thoughts!

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    Hey, this is such a cool project!

    A couple of thoughts:

    If your aim is to sell prints you could make it easier to purchase prints / coasters / mugs directly from the landing page. I'm wondering if there's any sort of service where you can programmatically add these images to store listings?

    If you haven't already, have you considered blogging about the techniques you used? You could position yourself as a thought leader here.

    Congrats on launching this!

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      Thanks! Yeah That is something I want to look into. Maybe they have an API I can use.
      I did kind of start writing about a Medium post . Maybe now I will finish it. You can find a few details about how its done on the About page. :)