May 10, 2019

Where to put the blog post?

Matt Smith @QuaffAPint

I know this has come up more than once, but what the question for me is more of where to put the original technical posts - your own developer site or your side project/company site? You then can also of course post on medium, etc, but I'm more wondering what the original place that gets the most credit should be.

These are technical posts around the topic that the company will be (there is no site for it yet). If that company fails, I still want the google love for my own developer site.


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    You either choose to invest in your personal brand or your company. Whichever you want to invest more in you put the blog there.

    There's obviously trade offs to both, which you have accurately summarised. If you're serious about your business' I'd put it there.

    Perhaps you could look to Josh Pigford (from Baremetrics) example. Some writing goes on some goes on the Baremetrics blog. Just depends on what the article is.

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    I second that, If you have an idea that you will be building in the future, its good to buy a domain and start building audience around the idea, so that you have buzzing interest when you are ready to launch your product.

    Have a look at Its a audience building software. Happy to help if any questions