Looking to Partner Up July 13, 2020

Where would you look for a technical cofounder?

Neil Cocker @NeilC

I'm currently helping someone who I met through one of my free mentoring sessions. He has a potentially great business, and is already generating revenue.

But he's an unfunded, solo founder, so he's got a very long road ahead of him without cofounder(s), and cash.

I know that finding technical cofounders is hard. Where would you suggest I direct him to look, and what do you think is the key attraction for tech cofounders to join a startup?

It's always been something I've found difficulty to know how to advise for!

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      Oh, cofounderlab looks ideal for him. Thank you!

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    Go to events like hachathons, meet people online at Meetup.com, find people with common interests.

    I meet dozens of people every week looking for technical cofounders, some I do work for others I'm not interested in.

    There are so many people willing to be a technical cofounder.

    Now if you saying you want someone to work for free or no stock then thats another story.

    How many successful startups have the person done? What was their last startup funding numbers?

    Getting free working from a cofounder when you have no experience or history is something else completely.

    FYI - I see most startups that I work with have no investments and get to the point of some level of revenue without investment. No investor is going to give you money just because you have an idea, if you have a track record them maybe bit if its your first rodeo then you have to prove your self by getting users, traction and proving you have the business skills to succeed.

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      Thanks for the insight! I've been giving him some low level advice, and he's already in a good position (post-revenue etc), but as someone who's only ever worked with cofounders I've already known, I don't know where the best places are to meet them.

      Anecdotally I'd heard that finding tech cofounders is really, really hard, because you have to convince them of your vision, as well as convince them to leave their well paying job! :-)

      I have pretty significant experience with cap tables and investments, so should be able to give him good insight on that front, but I think some kind of ongoing product development needs to be in place before he starts approaching investors.

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    Go to colleges. These guys are hungry for trying out their skills.

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      Good idea. I'll pass that on!