Which B Corps or social enterprises have built communities to support their business/mission?

I’m curious if there are any B corps or social enterprises that you think have done a good job of building a community for or around their mission.

Thanks in advance!

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    Hi there, it's been about two months since your post and I figured I'd be the first to comment! I think maybe the absence of comments is reflective of a couple factors. First, building a successful B Corp is really challenging. I know from experience, as I'm part of a team building Wehl.com (a wellness platform which is a Certified B Corp) in my spare time, which is completely bootstrapped. Second, I think this has a lot to do with general human psychology, which I'm just starting to figure out: other-centred people are rare, and they often don't hang out on the conventional social platforms which are built to be self-centred and addictive. So to find them, and build and sustain a community around them, requires a certain creativity and an inspired community builder. If you know a really motivated person who likes building community and who is passionate about wellness, I would welcome any referrals!

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      Thanks for your thoughtful response!

      Completely agree about B Corp being extremely challenging—this is generally good, as it ensures that B Corp certification continues to mean something and doesn't end up being "green washed". But this also means that generally, those companies with more resources are the ones who are able to go through the process. That's awesome that your team was able (and cared enough!) to get certified while bootstrapping. I'm looking forward to learning more about Wehl.

      Yes, I totally agree that other-centered people tend not to hang out on traditional social. I'm really grateful that there are people, like your team, who are starting to build more niche safe and responsible spaces for those of us who give a damn.

      And while other-centered people may be rare, I think we tend to easily identify one another and flock to each other. So I think (and hope!) there's a huge opportunity for purpose- and values-driven brands and businesses (regardless of size) to lead with their cause/values/mission/etc and leverage the power of people who are as passionate as they are about that cause/mission.

      I'll check out Wehl and let you know if I know anyone who might be a good fit, or else I'll keep an eye out! :)

      Edit: hey fellow lawyer!

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        Thanks for the feedback! It's nice to hear when people have an interest in business as a force for good. Always nice to meet other lawyers too :) You are welcome to join Wehl anytime! And if any further thoughts come your way, don't hesitate to reach out!

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