Which childhood game stuck with you?

Think back to when you were young. Which game did you play that you still remember the most fondly today?

For me it was Eric Chahi's masterpiece, Another World. What's yours?

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    Tekken 3
    Bomberman Hero
    Silent Hill
    Super Mario 64
    Star Fox 64

    1. 1

      me too, Mario 64, Starfox and Goldeneye... N64 was my fave

    1. 1

      What? I'm not still playing that game...

      Seriously, love the game. How much did you learn from playing RS?

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    allegiance is the best game you [probably] never played

    I'm nostalgic to the games that started a genre, dune2, c&c, redalert, just following the development
    Quake 1 (doom and Duke nukem)
    black and white
    sim city
    micro machines
    anti grav
    used to play a lot I guess, and it felt like the golden days, where each new game, was really new in terms of concepts and game play... maybe I'm just too old, well I stopped playing mostly for more than several years now as a decision... due I do watch a bit of indie game vids lately...

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    Star Control II gave me a sense of awe as I explored the universe & met alien races inside a galactic plot to enslave everyone.

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    Half Life all the way!

  5. 2

    Crash Bandicoot 🐀

  6. 2

    Zelda Ocarina of Time. Hands down the best video game ever made.

  7. 1

    Street Fighter
    King of Fighters
    I like fighting.

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    It has to be without a doubt Dungeon Keeper and Abe's Oddysee. Those were both and still are excellent games.

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    age of empires
    half life

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    Kirby's Adventure on NES. Easy game, but with a great atmosphere... and the music! THE MUSIC!

    In a weird sense, Solstice on NES as well. The music is great too!

    And finally, Adventure of Lolo on NES too. I always wanted to do a remake.

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    All the Sierra Quest games. I miss those - and the lame typing =)

  12. 1

    Double Dragon 2 on the nes!

  13. 1

    The World Ends With You

    Not very popular. Was a very cool concept and amazing story

  14. 1

    Wolfenstein; I eventually managed to kill them all and reach the final boss; I was expecting Adolph but he never showed up.

  15. 1

    Neopets was my foray into HTML/CSS, arbitrage, stocking a shop and a pseudo stock market.

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    Dino Dini’s Goal on Amiga 500!

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    Alone in the dark 3

  18. 1

    Deus Ex, Elder Scrolls III

  19. 1

    Rollercoaster Tycoon for sure.

    1. 1

      You should be interested in the open-RCT2 project.

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    🐵 Donkey Kong Country

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    Hero's Quest (by Sierra Online)
    Rick Dangerous

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    Super Mario

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    metal gear solid
    grand turismo

  24. 1

    Manic minor



  25. 1

    Freecell and Half Life

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