September 17, 2019

Which content service would you prefer?

Nigel Washington @NLW

I've recently launched a content creation service and we're trying to determine what more Founders would prefer:

Option 1
A self-service solution that allows you to request UNLIMITED blog content that is SEO optimized on topics of your choice each month.

Option 2
A full-service solution where you sign up once and have a SEO expert come up with topics based on your business but you only get 4 articles per month (1 per week). Each article will then be published automatically to your chosen blog of choose and social media profiles without you having to do any extra work. In addition all blog titles, URL links, and meta-tags will be SEO optimized and each article will include 2 topic related HD Stock photos.

*Each article would be 1,000+ words in either case and the plans would be the same price.

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    I'd be inclined to go for number 2.

    Content is never a question of quantity. It should always be high-quality. From your description, "unlimited" sounds like it could easily overwhelm your team and result in low-quality content.

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    I love both ideas. But honestly I get so hesitant with offers like this. I think every entrepreneur in the world wants good SEO, but I just don't trust that the quality would be good. I'd focus all of your energy on building trust with potential clients. Really show how you actually are capable of posting "unlimited" high quality content.

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      Thanks for the feedback!

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    How does this work with regards to creating good and meaningful content for possibly niche or specialised areas?

    I struggle to understand how you can employ enough people, or have enough knowledge that you could provide good content for everyone who asks for it. Do you have it in your remit to say "sorry we don't have anyone clued up enough on [X] to produce a good blog for you"?

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    Love the idea. I'd be more inclined to use option 2.

    It's important for blog content to be unique for each product and audience.

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      Thank you for taking the time to provide me feedback!

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        Not a problem, looking forward to following the product.

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    Hi Nigel,

    How would you handle a large SEO agency that comes in and order 200 articles a month? I would go with option 2 unless you guys have devised a clever way to handle that. Your website is very clean!



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      Thank you David.

      We would handle it how Russ Perry has structured his company Design Pickle. So if a company orders 200 pieces of content we would deliver each piece on an individual basis with 1-3 day turnaround time.

      So yes “unlimited” doesn’t necessarily mean “unlimited” each month. Realistically you could only get 30 articles a month. The customer/agency could request unlimited content say 200 pieces but the completion of those 200 pieces could take say 6 months to be completed.

      As a business owner looking for a content solution David would you prefer to sign up for option 1 or option 2?

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        I would be more inclined to option 1.