Which Design course do you recommend?

Hi, I'm a dev and a wanna-be builder

I'm able to cover from backend to frontend, web or mobile, but mostly of the time I stuck into UI/UX design, producing horrible mockup. I need your help 🙁

Can you recommend design course to me?
More specifically, I'm interest into B2C app design

Big kudos to you

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      4/6 resources directly in my reading list, great tips, thank you!

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        hey, what a list of resources 😄. Some of them are in my reading list, and I've already read refactoring ui 😉.

        If someone would ask the same question to me, I'd definitely recommend refactoringui

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    For UX and webdesign the best place I know is the Interaction Design Foundation... I might be biased as a former product designer who actually learned from them, but their approach is something I can recommend confidently. If you find there what you're looking for, that link will give you 30% off: https://www.interaction-design.org/invite?ep=julianna-sudi

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      I concur, the Interaction Design Foundation has great quality content. I found tons of useful advice there while doing research for my book's section about UX.

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    Big fan of the work of @jimzarkadas. He has a free ebook that will really help you out: https://jimzarkadas.com/fake-it-test-it-make-it

    You can also check out his YouTube channel.

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      This is pretty interesting, definitely in my reading list, thank you 🙂

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        You're welcome, my man. Happy to help!

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    these resources that everyone has recommended is great!
    I also write a newsletter over at https://fonts.substack.com where I share fonts and design tips, feel free to check that out !

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    Hi Francesco,
    I took all my courses on https://www.interaction-design.org
    This is a foundation so it costs almost nothing ($16/mo), and teachers are the top UX specialists in the world. Feel free to pick up any certification you want to follow.
    It could be overwhelming at the beginning, so seat tight and enjoy!

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    I second Meng to from https://designcode.io/ he created the course, to teach himself design.... Seriously talented designer, coder, and teacher. he even has a course for Developer who want to learn good design https://designcode.io/ui-design

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      Oh wow, that's looks cool, it seems a bridge between development and design, I'll probably start with this one.
      I think that I need some "straightforward" course in the beginning, and then I'll step back to theory. At least is something that work for me.

      Thank you, much appreciated

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