Ideas and Validation February 9, 2020

Which domain name is more brandable?

Jin @Jinxuetan

Website purpose: An interest based social media for creators

  1. (Inspired from the idea of “Common Interest” and “Commons”)
  2. (Does it feels like black people community? No offence)
  3. (Made up word, with short letter domain name)
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    In my opinion:

    • Comons is tough because it's a misspelling and will make it hard for people to find you. Even right now, Googling for that term gets autocorrected to "commons".
    • Blackish is easy to spell and say. In my opinion it's the winner. But there's a TV show by the same name which may make things hard for you.
    • Swolk is okay, but a bit hard to say imo. And ofc everyone is going to have to spell it whenever they try to tell someone about it.

    All that said, Dribbble turned into a huge community despite being a misspelling of dribble. So anything is possible.

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      Thanks for your opinion, for me, I would choose blackish because it is easy to remember and chances of misspelling is low. Yeah you’re right, there is a TV show with that name too when I googling the word blackish. Do you think it’s still fine to go with this? I feel it’s more brandable than the rest, if I’m growing to other sectors, it doesn’t feel weird. The 3rd one “Swolk” also get autocorrected by google as well.

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      Good to know, but can only pick one for the site 😌

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    interest based social media for creators

    that's a bit vague

    Blackish - not only likely to get cease-and-desist letter from TV show but offend a major demographic (speaking as a white Aussie, pretty sure @csallen is vastly more qualified than me to comment!).

    Until this thread, I blushingly confess, had not noticed that was mis-spelled!

    I like made-up names like, uhh Touchgram which relate more to the site or app content.

    I always check stuff in the Urban Dictionary - Swolk seems fairly innocuous.

    How about riffing off your one-line description? is free

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    Yes, #2 sounds like it's associated with the show and is a black community.

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      Yeah that’s right. If you’re not knowing the TV show at first, what would you think about the name? I can only imagine it’s a colour before knowing there is a TV show.

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        I'm not your target audience, so I can't answer that.

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    Blackish means something else man, even before the show. Id steer clear of it.

    I think Swolk is your best bet or find a creative name that describes your site like or the one mentioned in another comment.

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    Comons is the best one!

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    I like Swolk. I wouldn't worry about using Blackish but I think Swolk works better. I recently had the same problem. I was actually looking for a short-as-possible domain that was phonetic to my given name (Kerry) and found (almost not possible to get shorter these days). But as you can see that is also very close to Siri (Apple) and Sirius (Music) and a stretch towards Certz.

    But my use has nothing at all to do with any of those markets so I think I am sticking with it.

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    Swolk is the best one. I don't like Blackish, it doesn't inspire me at all. Swolk feels fresh and fun, makes me curious to know what the term means compared to the platform you offer. Comons can go.

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    Swolk, for creator folk.

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    I like Swolk the most. It feels unique.

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