Landing Page Feedback April 5, 2020

Which logo do you like better?

Cal @Interr

Hello everyone. Looking for some feedback on the logo, for a product we are launching soon. This is for a tool that informs you of all website "walk-ins" so you can have a chat with them.

  1. Do you like the thicker one ( the one of the left)
  2. Or the thinner one (the one on the right)
  1. 4

    work bit more on logo.

  2. 4

    Hey Cal, the left one definitely has more character. However, both are not great. As they are pure wordmarks, the uniqueness is missing as your are working with stock fonts.

  3. 3

    Personally, I like the right one better, more modern and clear.

    1. 1

      yes, second one is clear and looks neat.

  4. 1

    Right one. More modern and when I look at it, I think of a company doing something in the software space.

  5. 1

    I'm a fan of lean. Hence the logo on the right makes more sense.

    However, if you want to define a stronger brand narrative than normal. The logo on the left is not a bad idea.

    I also spent a lot of time to choose for my brand back then. Try to roll out real quick. Test diff. size, color and contrast! @Interr

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    Thank you much guys. Appreciate all the feedback :) Looking forward to possibly connecting with ya'll on what y'all are working on as well :)

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    I prefer the one on the right but I'd say that neither are "logos". They are words typed in a standard font.

    However you should NOT hold back a launch or anything like that by spending more time on your logo. This is something you can work on during the early days of your business. Right now it doesn't really matter.

  8. 1

    Like the second one. The thinner one. Clean and modern.

  9. 1

    I like number 2
    You can give me feedback on

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    Left one looks very similar to Inc. magazine logotype. I'd choose the right one if pressed for time. Otherwise, work on it a bit more.

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    I prefer the one on the right, but I think something is missing. Either colour or perhaps a drawing or something... More personality maybe.

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    The one on the left feels a bit too heavy (as if someone increased the font weight way too high), but as @Halfcat mentioned it has some character to it. The one on the right looks and feels modern, but in general I find both of these logos to be somewhat generic.

    I would recommend straying away from purely text-based logos for bootstrapped projects. Since we are mainly a developer community, our design skills aren't to the point where we can create a stylish and unique logo using text alone (we leave that to the designers usually).

    If I had to choose, it would probably be the one on the left even though the right one looks aesthetically better - just purely due to the right one feeling way too generic.

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    While the one on the right is more modern. The one on the left leaves more of an impression & is more memorable...


    1. 2

      Kinda also reminds me of the fiverr logo --->

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    Left has more character but right is more “modern”. I would choose right. But you should also create a graphic element (icon, image) to make it more distinct and identifiable.

  15. 1

    I prefer the one on the left

  16. 1

    The one on my right. Looks better for me.