May 21, 2019

Which one do you suggest? an individual SEO Mentor, or SEO optimization Firm?

Ciro Trentino @Ciro_trentino

Hi guys, we have a web-based Saas and have launched our site since last year.
Our main niche is Instagram automation tools and we serve a complete suite of Instagram automation tools to our clients.
you could find our services here:
we have come a long way to reach this point but we think we should hire an SEO optimist to reach The first result page. Our focused market is Italian Market and so far we've reached to the 2-3 result page for some important queries, but we are not satisfied yet so we decide to take some big steps & attach our services to the first page.
One of these steps is hiring A SEO optimist, who could give us good bits of advice and detect our negative points and even slove them.
Don't know whether we should hire an individual freelancer SEO optimist or hire an SEO optimization firm? which do you prefer and why?
Our fixed budget is around 2-3 k $.

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    I think, unless you plan on keeping pumping money into a hired contractor I would go the mentor route. But it all really depends on your context.

    A freelancer/SEO firm will get everything done for you, but you will have to keep paying them.

    A SEO mentor will teach you how to take care of the SEO of your product and you will eventually be able to do it yourself. I think this transfers better into future products and might be better for the start.

    Once you have a solid foundation on SEO you can hire someone to assit you, but you will always have atleast some control over it.

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    I am a dedicative freelance digital marketer, who excels in SEO & Adwords. I would love to take this opportunity to help your product to reach new users. For more information : [email protected]

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    I've been doing SEO for ten years, handling pretty much all parts of it. I cannot take on any clients as I'm way too busy, but I'd be more than happy to help with the process of finding someone or answering any questions. No expectations of payment, just happy to help

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    I think you would get more mileage out of a freelancer or a few freelancers at that price range.

    $1k on content
    $1k on link building/paid placement
    $1k on paid ads (would run them right on IG)