April 19, 2020

Which SaaS tools do you use for your business, but...

Preetam Nath @hipreetam93

I'm curious to know and this is a form of market research that I'm conducting.

Question - Which are the SaaS tools that you use in your business or organization, which you:

  1. dislike/hate to use, but need to use anyway because there's no better alternative

  2. love to use, but feel you are paying too much (scale for feeling: you're paying $XXXX/mo when you wish it were 5 times cheaper)

Looking forward to a fruitful discussion :)

  1. 1

    A good, cheap plug-and-play affiliate software to manage affiliates

    1. 1

      Which one do you use currently, which category is your business in, and how much do you pay for it?

  2. 1

    In my explorations, I wish there were a lightweight SEO tool that weren't $99/month. I imagine that tools at that price (Moz, ahrefs) are highly valuable, but it would be great to have a "getting started" option that covered a smaller use case.

    1. 1

      Quite interesting that all the tools in this space start at $99/mo and not any lower. I wonder why 🤔

      1. 3

        If I were a betting man, I’d say “because they can.” Low-priced customers are low sophistication, frequently problematic in terms of support costs, and frequently vocally negative. $99/mo or $1k/yr filters out the tire-kickers and means they can deal with serious businesses. I respect that.

        1. 3

          To be honest, I would pick that route as well. It's the same effort to build the tool, but it makes X times lesser money and takes Y times more support cost to go down market and offer a $99 tool for say, $9 or $19

  3. 1

    Powerpoint & Excel. Feature gaps that have existed for over 20 years still unfilled...

    1. 1

      Interesting! What feature gaps are you referring to?

  4. 1

    I use but don't like Wordpress. I am not sure if I have to use it, but I already payed a one year subscription so I have to live with it.

    1. 1

      Thanks! Follow up questions

      • What do you use Wordpress for?
      • Would you switch to a better solution for your use case - today - if presented one?
      1. 1

        I use if for my website. Currently I would not switch since I've just invested a bigger amount of money. But in a year I probably would and will.

        1. 1

          What’s your pain point with WordPress?

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