April 7, 2019

Which tagline/headline should I use for my web app?

Jin @Jinxuetan

Hi guys, I'm looking for a good headline title for my landing page, https://Comons.com

Summary of what it does: News and information content platform for creators, that let you follow all kind of topics, news sources, collections and people. Always Keep yourself up to date with the world of informations. Sharing your big ideas and gets resourceful feedback from passionate people. A combination of news aggregation and user-generated content platform.

Which headline should I go for?

  1. Social News for Creators
  2. A Community for Creators
  3. News and Content Information for Creators
  4. Social News and Content for Creators
  5. A Common Place for Your Passion
  6. A Common Place for Creators
  7. A Community for Content You'll Love
  8. A Community for Your Passion
  9. Be In Front of Your Passion
  10. Brings All Your Passion into One Common Place
  11. Community for Modern Days
  12. An Interest-based Community

On the other hand, do you think 'Creator' is a good niche to go for, or should I be targeting more broader or narrower audiences. Creator refers to someone who brings something into existence, they could be entrepreneur, startup, designer, blogger and etc.

I've personally tried using headline with number 1, 5 and 12. So far, no. 5 and 12 shows better conversion, however, the sample size is too small so that I can't justify yet.

Sorry for the long list, any feedback is welcome. You can share your thought of other headline as well!


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    Hi Jinxuetan,
    Cool home page. Can see that you have worked hard on the copy.
    Here are my thoughts based on first impression.
    Instead of targeting 'Personal & Professional' , 'Creator' and 'Startup & Business' in one go, have you considered building the user base one after the other?
    If I belong to any of these persona, I would love to see information tailored to my need.


    1. Target creators if that is the most important thing that will determine success of your project. IMO, if good creators are onboarded by giving any reason not to use existing platforms, you have cracked it. I think of good creators sign up and start using comons the content will attract more readers who stick on than anything else would.
      In the beginning it can even be a testing service for articles the creators wish to publish elsewhere. You can have 10 strong dedicated readers give feedback for creator to improve the content before publishing on medium, let's say. Some creators might be willing to pay for this too. (Need to validate)

    2. If the above is true, you can take away the marketing copy aimed at other persona to another landing page and focus on signing up creators in your super early phase. Another landing page can help you sign up readers, Startup & Business parallel.

    • Dr. N
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      Really appreciate for the ideas. It's much easier to convert early users if targeting a niche market instead of broader one. Getting content that serve one specific niche can also easily drawn similar audience altogether and increase the stickiness of the product overall. Let me know if you think this is true as well.

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        @Jinxuetan That is true. One book that talks about this and more in-depth is Getting Real by 37signals.

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          I will check out that book!

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    Hi Jinxuetan, love the way your landing looks! Although I'm going to be a bit tough with the taglines. The question I ask myself is "What am I going to get from your product that will make me a better creator?" I don't see that any of the taglines answer that question for me. I don't know if the issue here is that you don't need to be a creator to be interested in news or there is something special about creators that is going to make them interested in your product.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your genuine feedback. I'm inspired by your "What am I going to get from your product that will make me a better creator?" I think this is a good point to start from. Thanks!

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    i don't have any idea about tagline but the logo seems very nice, i liked it!

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      Thanks for your kind word :) means alot to me since the logo took quite some time for me to figured out.

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