Design and UX June 28, 2020

Which tool do you use for Website Interaction prototyping?

Hossam Salem @yurioh

Hello guys,
I am looking for an advanced prototyping tool to prototype Website interactions.
The problem is that most prototyping tools are very focused on mobile app's and no love to Web applications or Website's.

I would like to have a timeline based prototyping tool as the Magic motion , auto animate etc .. is tedious and you dont have full control on the interactions.

I am a Windows User so No Sketch and I cant use Invision studio because it doesnt support figma or XD .

Protopie is focused on mobile.
AfterEffects is great ofc but it is not interactive it is just a video.

Can someone please guide me to the right direction?

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    Framer recently released Framer for Web:
    They have really nice tutorials with juicy interactions, really inspiring stuff.
    Also, there's an option to prototype with code.

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      Yea I have seen this one but again most of their animation library is focused on mobile, and i dont know react to do my own custom stuff. Anyway thanks for your reply

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