April 9, 2019

Which tool would you recommend for sales call recording?

Doulos Jose @doulos

Folks, which tool would you recommend to conduct sales call (video/audio) and can record the same for training too? I am considering Zoom, any other recommendation or feedback on Zoom?

Thanks in advance


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    You can check this out. https://close.com/

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      Thanks @bmutinda. Close is very expensive and looks like a CRM solution. I only want to record sales calls.

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    I use Skype + Ecamm Call Recorder for Skype

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    I use appear.in (has a recording feature), and sometimes Skype + CallRecorder.
    Zoom is fine too, I just really don't like the interface, so i don't enjoy using it.
    For training videos I use loom (useloom.com) – so ridiculously easy for sharing quick how-tos with clients and team members.

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      Thanks @mariepoulin. I am big fan of loom.

      Liked the fact that appear doesn't need others to download any app. Our clients (or their IT teams) hate it. Its a +5 points to appear now :)

      Thanks again

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    You can check out https://www.crazycall.com. It starts at $11 per month and will surely meet yr needs with all its features.

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      Hi @jacobk, thanks for a great suggestion. I could use this too for our account management team i guess. Thanks again

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        You're welcome!

        Surely that would be a good use case. If you need any assistance with it or have some question regarding the soft let me know :)

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    I just use the voice notes app on my phone, seems to do the trick

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      I do the same @Ramy, but its too much effort/resources. Wanted to automate it so that nobody miss to do it & all is stored properly.