Remote Workers March 31, 2020

Which tools are you using for effective remote meetings?


I will start:

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    I've been with a company since 2015 and we have no office and all located in different states. We've used the same tools since the beginning to facilitate meetings, task planning & tracking, and the workplace with no problems.

    • Trello for tasks
    • Slack for workplace/chat
    • Google Hangouts for meetings
    • Loom for demonstrating, sharing with others
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    We are using microsoft teams (very stable)
    And skype (very laggy)

    Had good experience with hangouts personally because my own products run on gsuite

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    • We are also using GSuite including Hangouts for calls. Especially the shared calendars are always quite effective in seeing what everyone is up to.
    • Asana for our weekly task management in the founder's team
    • Bitbucket / Jira for our developer team
    • A lot of personal Stuff goes into my Notion --> Trying to kill Asana and move the team to Notion as well

    Question: Has anyone used tandem?

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    I have not used it, but I have heard good things about

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    Skype is laggy as hell, could you tell me, is zoom worth it indeed? All I hear is zoom, zoom, zoom. I've been self-isolated for just three days, so I'm unaware of lifehacks yet

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      Zoom, Whereby, Micorosft Teams or Google Meet are all good options. Give them a try.

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    MS teams - and although the UI is atrocious and the notifications are dire - the video conferencing is very excellent.

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    We are normally a normie company, but switched to remote for obvious reasons. We are using 3 primary communication tools right now:

    • Slack for asynchronous communication.
    • Zoom for meetings.
    • [New] Discord for spontaneous voice discussions. I set it up voice channels to mimic the actual layout of the office with both casual areas (couch, kitchen, etc), desk areas and even meeting rooms. If someone is "at their desk" you can know they are busy, but they are open for conversation if they are "in the kitchen". It's much lower friction to jump between voice channels than it is to generate a meeting on zoom.
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    • Microsoft Teams
    • Skype (rare)
    • Slack for internal communication
    • Voxes for feedback and roadmap
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    • Trello
    • Skype (screen sharing)
    • Slack (quick messages)