Which tools do you use to create a landing page with a form?

I want to validate my idea by creating a landing page with a form to capture emails. If there are fair amount of people interested in my idea, then I can email them once the site launches. I was thinking of using Mailchimp but I wonder if there are other providers.

I'm curious to know what do you guys use and why?

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    I've been really happy with Dorik.com (made by @mizan).. see if it might be a fit for you

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      Thanks. I'll check it out.

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      Thanks @searchbound!


      Hi @namwa,

      This is Mizan from Dorik. Let me know if you need any information about Dorik. :-)


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        Hi @mizan, you have a good product there. I'll have a look.

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    Carrd for sure. I made a quick tutorial too on how you can do it - I used Convertkit, but equally simple to use mailchimp. https://youtu.be/QV5vUHv9GyQ

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      I watched your video and you make it looks easy :) Thanks for sharing.

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        Any issues while building - just reach out!

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    I actually just posted my first YouTube video on how to do this step by step:


    In short: use Carrd. It’s a super easy to use and cheap ($9/year) landing page creator, made by a pretty successful IndieHacker, AJ.

    You can also connect it to your email automation tool of choice, and do loads of other stuff.

    Let me know if you need any help, I’m happy to give any tips!

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      Thanks for the video. It does look easy to set it up.

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    I’d agree with Carrd, although you could even just use MailerLite with its built in web pages.

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      Thanks for the resource

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    I really like Webflow for this. It allows me to grow my simple landing page into something more, piece-by-piece as I want/need it to without much limitation.

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      I'll check it out. Thanks

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    +1 for carrd.co

    It is a great platform to quickly build landing pages or websites. The built-in templates give you a great starting point. On top of that there are also several tutorials which give you the possibility to build the landing page you want to build, it just a few hours (or even minutes).

    I also used Carrd for the landing page of my weekly digest Creativerly. It is so easy to implement new design changes so I can always adapt everything to my needs.

    Make sure to check it out, you will love Carrd.

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    Convertflow has a really good user experience. I'm using their free package for now. I'd happily pay as I grow. https://www.convertflow.com

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      Thanks for your suggestion. I’ll check it out.

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    So I might be a little biased here but I made https://tinysite.io/ just for this!
    You can make forms that automatically load into the built in CRM or integrate services like MailChimp so contacts are automatically put into your email list.

    I made a discount code ( Code = indiehackers ) for 25% off if you want to give it a try for even cheaper, or if you want to test it for free let me know and Ill be more than happy to set you up a test account, your feedback would be vary helpful!

    Thank you :)

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      It’s kind of you offering a discount code. I’ll have a look. Thanks.

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    I built https://snuffer.co to do this(the homepage is built with itself), in the end it gives me the possibility to use custom code if I want to, so I can either use it as a quick-and-easy landing page builder, but also build and deploy custom code/components if I feel like it. It can integrate with mailchimp, you can also export all your leads to a csv and do whatever you want with them. I want to integrate with google docs at some point. I believe it's the only platform that allows you to use a custom domain for free :)

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      Thanks for sharing. I like that it integrates with Mailchimp. I'll check it out.

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        I'm working on an app and used snuffer to make the first landing page to judge interest: https://cassandr.com/

        Just an example :)

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    You can use Carrd or Carrd + your fav. email service (i.e. MailChimp, MailerLite, Substack)

    I used to have a form, now I rely on emails captured from Gumroad, here's my Carrd page

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      I've never thought of collecting emails using Gumroad before. Thanks for giving me some idea and sharing your flow.

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    If you're not afraid of coding you can use something like Netlify forms and some quick and dirty bootstrap to get you started. That's what we did at Relaax

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      Your landing page looks good. I think Netlify form is a good idea if I choose to code a page up. I'm weighing whether to go with landing page without code or code one up with Netlify form.

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        Thanks @namwa! The best advice I can give is to do whatever you will have spend the least time on. You’re going to have to do a lot of other work so pick something that you’ll never have to worry about

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          Thanks. you have a good point on this. I agree that there will be other work down the line so better pick something quick to validate the idea.

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    We built versoly.com, our customer support is world class me :)

    Recently hoped on a few calls as well to help founders figure out how to get their early traffic (amazing when you have founder market fit)

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      Nice! You have good looking templates there. I'll definitely check it out.

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    You can try Carrd and Webflow as well. Carrd is much simpler.

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      Thanks. I’ll check those out.

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