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Which tools to make an explainer video?


Any suggestions on tools to make an explainer video for your product, especially for someone who doesn't have much video creation skills?

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    Haha I actually just went through this recently and got a lot of great answers from people ( if you want to see some of the suggestions they mentioned). I ultimately ended up going with the QuickTime player recording approach and just sped it up in iMovie and exported after. I found that approach to be the easiest (after trying a couple of others), however the only downside was that it probably took about 100 takes to finally get one I was happy(ish) with. If you want to appear in the video yourself or have additional elements added, is pretty great for that.

    The final outcome of my brief video is up here.

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      Wow, your video looks great. Thanks for the suggestion - I was trying to look for convenient alternatives which you explained. Thanks a lot!

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    Hey Alexandra,
    You might find what you're looking for here:
    And if you ever need a professional VO for your project, just hit me up. [email protected].

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    @hake @girishw @stoll @bflitter @kayz0r Thanks all for your great suggestions!

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    Assuming you just need to do screen recording a few times , and then easily and seamlessly create an explainer video from those - with a few cool effects, I would recommend my app - -please note that it's Windows 10 for now.

    I'm in the process of adding a new feature - "Epic Focus" which will let you go to a specific portion of the screen with a few pretty cool effects. The full feature should be available within 1-1.5 weeks, but I plan to have a preview ready within 2-3 days.

    Would that work for you?

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      Thanks for the recommendation! Unfortunately I'm not using Windows 10 now

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    I struggled as well with this (really was difficult to get my head around). I had used Camtasia studio in the paste (when I was doing Facebook ads/dropshipping stuff lol). But when I wanted App video with details I had to quickly learn Adobe Premiere (which is great tool) and eventually I managed to do a modest video highlighting some of the main features of my product:

    I think Camtasia is pretty limited if you want to zoom in and focus the user attention on specific areas of your web or app platform

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    I have the same problem, I would also like to have an explainer video for my product.

    A complicating factor is that my website is available in two languages (english and portuguese), so I would have to make two videos. If I consider that the website is responsive, then I would have to make four videos explaining how to use my product.

    So I decided to do a interactive tutorial, highlighting the UI elements in each step ( I know it is not what you asked for, but maybe can be a way.

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    I've used

    • ScreenFlow for screen recording and editing
    • Rotato for 3D devices

    For my next one, I'm likely to use Tumult Hype for animations.
    You could also create a simple, quick one with KeyNote (Mac app)

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    You can use QuickTime Player on a mac and do a Screen Recording. It's possible to select an external microphone (like a headset) and record audio alongside. I recommend iMovie if you have to do any simple editing. If you're using a windows computer, there is Windows Movie Maker; not sure about screen capture options in 2020.

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