Which use case for a privacy friendly profiles app

Hi IHers

I've built Personalli - a privacy friendly app where users can create different profiles of themselves and then share these with different circles.

For the concept itself, I've received positive feedback. However, I'm at a stage where I need to pick one segment and focus on it.

Question for you - Which use case would you suggest?

  1. LinkedIn users - allow them to have multiple private profiles alongside their main public profile
  2. Dating - Allow daters to create a side-profile for their first/blind dates
  3. Students - Help students create different profiles for the different career options they have
  4. Celebrities - Help them interact w fans while have a personal life
  5. Escort services (wild idea, but a friend suggested!) - Escorts definitely lead 2 lives and hence a profile app might help them

Of course if you have another use case, do suggest and many thanks already!

  1. 1

    Which group has shown the most interest in the past?

    I'd pick one where people are really excited to talk to you about it. And I mean really excited and emotional, not just mildly interested.

    That said, can you explain what a profile is in your case? I didn't understand that from your post or your landing page. Why would I even need a single profile, let alone two?

    1. 2

      Thanks @nikwen. Profile = few or all aspects about a person = name, email, phone, etc etc.

      So, in your case, you might be nikwen on one profile (IH) where you share your startup experience and Niklas on a dating profile where you show your date preferences.

      1. 1

        Okay. So I have one account on IH for startup stuff and one account on Tinder for dating. What can your tool do for me?

        1. 2

          The "stuff" you have on IH (or Tinder) is going to be limited. Say you meet someone and they ask "share your details". Now, this ask is very contextual (eg. at a party or at a networking event or your prospect/customer, etc.) then you can pick up a relevant profile of yours with the info YOU decide to share.

          1. 1

            Awesome explanation, thanks! Can you explain it like this on your website? :)

            Other than that, I would think about using another word than "profile". With "profile" I thought you were referring to my IH or Tinder profiles, not to a standalone profile hosted by your application. Maybe there are terms or analogies which are easier to understand (business card, mini-homepage, etc.).

            A good idea would be to show random people your website and ask them if they understand what your product does. Maybe they'll say that something is not clear. Then you can use these insights to make sure other people will understand the page in the future. :)

            1. 2

              Thanks a lot @nikwen for taking the time to view the webapp and thinking/commenting. You are right, I've got this f/b from a few others also. The word "profile" is probably misleading. Something like "i-card" or "me-card" or "identity" would be a better fit.

              1. 1

                Glad to help! :)

                "i-card" and "me-card" sound cool. I would go for one of these two.

  2. 1

    I think something like this will probably make most sense for 4 and/or 5. All the best.

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