SEO January 19, 2021

Who are Indie Hackers that post about SEO on Twitter?

Julian Ignacio Canlas @jic

I feel like so many Indie Hackers want to do SEO but don't know where to start.

Who are some Indie Hackers here that post about SEO? Drop your handle and I'll add you to a Twitter list.

Here's the list:

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      Thank you Rosie! Other names that come to mind are @patwalls, @momoko and @jdnoc.

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        Thanks, folks! Added!

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    I post about partnership marketing and SEO. I run

    You can add me,

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    Pat wallace from starter story

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    Hey Julian,

    Nice idea, I'm doing some SEO - even working as a link builder for agency as a little side gig atm and building a martech side project called - it's taking Google Search Console data, summarizing it, extending it with hints for improvements and sending it over kinda like a weekly newsletter. If you keen to try the beta I've happy to help you getting started.

    My Twitter is


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      Yesssssss, keeping an eye on this, Peter!

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        Awesome, I've sent you a message on Twitter regarding testing :)

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    Public service annoucement: Core Web Vitals will start impacting SEO rank in May of 2021, so start working on performance!

    my write up about core web vitals

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    Quite curious about this. It seems like most hackers are not familiar with marketing (SEO, content, copywriting), there are some marketing courses designed for devs, are they helpful or is it generally hard to have building + marketing skillsets?

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      Marketing isn't hard. Developing a sense for it is. They're all helpful. Marketing for dev courses are great, especially when they've been made by dev people who can market. Analytical mindset and all.

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    I work in SEO, and sometimes share SEO on my Twitter. Used to do that more often, but now don't have an exact schedule. However, you can check out my massive 50 actionable SEO tips thread here:

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      Added! Great thread!

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    I try to share some SEO once in a while here on IH. I will be keen to offer with more SEO knowledge if there is interest in it. I am the founder of Tabtimize, contextual link building platform (entry-level friendly as well), so I can especially help with the link building part and offer some guidance on contextual link building.
    So count me in: @tabtimize

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      Been seeing your seo content for a while now. added!

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    Sharing thoughts + learnings on content marketing/SEO for SaaS -

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