Podcasters October 31, 2019

Who are Indiehackers podcasting their journey?

Mubashar Iqbal @mubashariqbal

I'm creating a list of makers/indiehackers/founders who are regularly podcasting about the journey of building, launching and scaling their businesses.

I've got 7 podcasts on the list so far, but sure I'm missing folks, who are podcasting their journey?

(Asked on Twitter as well if you're interested too who is on the list so far https://twitter.com/mubashariqbal/status/1189928664240144385)

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    I've been documenting my journey trying to build a profitable project since graduating college a few months ago - https://anchor.fm/dkb868.

    Curious about what the list is for.

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      I'm working on a new feature for Pod Hunt (https://podhunt.app) and this list is related to that. More details soon 😀

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    Hey Mubs! Not sure if Code Story counts, but I'm regularly podcasting about other founders journeys!

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      I might expand to what code story does but currently looking for podcasts with the same host each episode discussing what they did with their products.

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      Thanks for the shoutout @mariordev

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    Our app progressionapp.com has a podcast: anchor.fm/progression-pod

    16 episodes released, another 6 in the can. Mainly interview format but a few 'with the team' too.

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      Sounds great, will check it out! Thanks.

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    My wife and I also run a podcast (https://podcast.hexdevs.com), it's about software development, business, moving abroad, remote work and indiehacking.

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      Oi Thiago, check out my profile and post. I'd like to have a coffee when I'm back in Vancouver next week.

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        sure, sounds good!

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      Thanks for sharing, will check it out.

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    I'm starting one now and got approved on iTunes last week! I just have a trailer so far, and recording my backlog of the first 5 episodes now...so I can "launch" in December. Might be a bit too early for what you're doing, but let me know if you want to include it on Podhunt!

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      Let me know when you've launched.

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    Someone sent me this "SaaS podcast release schedule" document the other day: