Who are the best ad creative creators you know / have worked with?

I saw this post on Twitter today, stating that creatives are by far the most important aspect of ads. Do you agree?

Who are the best ad creative creators (surely there's a catchier name for them than that... 😅) you know / have worked with?

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    Ad creative is the visual/interactive part of an advert, while ad copy is the text. Is this right? Am I right or misunderstanding the question❓

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      Yes, so there's the creative (visual), copy (text) and targeting (who you show the ad to). As per the quoted Tweet, the argument here is that the creative is the most important

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        Ah ok, for banner ads check my friend's company https://abyssale.com, they are in this space!

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    Try AdAngles - https://www.adangles.com
    Disclaimer: I work there.

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      Thanks, I'll check it out!

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    I'm in the industry. It's like saying software is more important than hardware. Or form is better than function. Everything has to work together as one seamless thing. If the guy had perfect copy, images, videos etc... and didn't target correctly then that's just a waste of money.

    I think the more important question is what are you trying to achieve and what's the best possible route to get there. And like software, hardware, etc. There are great people who do magical things and then there are those that are average.

    I'm fortunate enough to run my own creative branding agency. I work with amazing talent and for forward-thinking entrepreneurial clients.

    In relation to best creative talent. Is that talent the people who win creative awards or the ones who achieve real results for clients. I.e. business results. We love our work and love to push what we do to the max... but at the end of the day does the work deliver a result for our client?

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