Who are the most helpful, but "quiet" Indie Hackers?

Who are some of the most helpful, yet "quiet" Indie Hackers you've met who should be celebrated?

There are a lot of helpful members of this community that I've seen frequently from their public comments and interactions, but I'm sure there are also a lot of people that are helpful outside public comments that many of us don't see.

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    @leo springs to mind.

    And all the indie hackers who moderate groups.

    1. 2

      Oh, wow. Thanks for the shoutout Rosie! Upvoting your comment right now! 😂

  2. 6

    @gczh @AndrewKamphey @harrydry to name a few.

    We also need to celebrate @rosiesherry's work every day. She's been doing amazing things here with IH. Keeping this environment so friendly, with helpful people is no small task.

    1. 1

      I love you Leo. But I 100% should not be named in this category with these folk haha!

    1. 2

      🤘🤘🤘 you the man.

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    @zerotousers is not quiet, but sure is helpful!

  4. 4

    @primer one. But he is not quiet . 😀

    1. 1

      Haha honoured for the mention Michael.

      Not quiet?! Don't know what you mean 👀

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    I'll go first.

    @Aleix (@aleixordeig) and I connected outside of Indie Hackers, and he's been incredibly helpful to me and at least a half a dozen other founders through sharing his knowledge of low/no-code tools, but I know he doesn't actually publically comment much.

  6. 1

    So many amazing folks here :)

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