Who are the most well known companies building in public?

I'd love to collate a list, who springs to mind as inspiring examples of people building in public?

And where can we follow their journey?

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    Joel Gascoigne was one of the pioneers with buffer.com.

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      For sure! Their transparency was always so inspiring. They humanised the product for me

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    Probably already on most people’s radar, but Gumroad is the most “in the open” company I have followed.

    And I think just following Sahil on Twitter is the best way to follow (@shl).

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      His open quarterly board meetings are amazing!

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    Some that jump to mind:

    Pieter Levels (https://twitter.com/levelsio) NomadList / RemoteOK

    Tyler Tringas (https://twitter.com/tylertringas) at Ernest capital (https://twitter.com/earnestcapital)

    Sergio Mattei (https://twitter.com/matteing) building Makerlog (https://twitter.com/getmakerlog)

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    Domm Holland (https://mobile.twitter.com/domm) of Fast.co (https://www.fast.co/)

    Very cool how they created so much buzz before launch and got people so excited they were advocating. A big reason I got on Twitter was for their launch 😆 so... great pre-launch strategy for sure

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    Hello, can you visit my tiktok page? I need some support and follow the page link https://www.tiktok.com/@aloosh_alsrhan99

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    my small project isn't well-known, but, i want to be a model of #buildingintheopen for folks. im doing the best i can!

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    I guess Adam Wathan of TailwindCSS is a prime example

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