March 20, 2019

Who are the top startup marketers you follow that help you scale your startup?

Niko Velikov @NikoVelikov

Hey Indie Hackers,

I'm a marketer, and I have a lot of experience scaling up starting companies. I always look for the latest trends and techniques, so I've decided to ask you: if you follow any good marketers \ growth - hackers that help you grow your startups in 2019.

My questions are quite simple:

#1. Who do you follow?
#2. What are your favorite blogs \ websites \ podcasts about growing your company?


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    Since reading his book, Company of One, I've been closely following Paul Jarvis (@pjrvs). Love how he talks about manageable and favorable growth.

    I admire the following folks who built solid (and sometimes very small) organizations:

    • Joel Gascoigne of Buffer
    • Jason Fried and DHH of Basecamp
    • Peldi of Balsamiq
    • Sahil of Gumroad
    • Nathan Barry of ConvertKit
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      I also love Jason Fried of Basecamp.

      I've been using ConvertKit, didn't know they had a cool founder that shares marketing advice.


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    I've been enjoying the podcast Everyone Hates Marketers,

    I'm a tech guy so the information I get from the podcast is very helpful.

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      Same here (because I'm the host) :D

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        Great podcast! Thanks for doing it!

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          Thanks! If you have any questions I'm here to help.

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      Same here!!

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      Hey guys,

      I listen to Mixergy, and it is pretty cool, but...

      What do you like about this podcast so much?

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        The host seems really honest and has a dislike for shady marketing strategies/tactics. The guests have good advice on marketing in general. I don't know much in the marketing area so the information is super helpful.

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      Same here. I'm a developer and love his podcast.

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    Marketing School podcast is practical, short and handy.
    Always like Seth Godin to help inspire me.
    Tara Hunt produces some good stuff (videos and podcast)

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    I’m in a Facebook group called SaaS Growth Hacks that you might like. Search for it on FB!

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      Thanks, Andrea!