May 3, 2019

Who do you want startup mentorship from?

Shun Yamada @shyamady

Hi, Indie Hackers👋 I'm building which is the exclusive community for solo founders and now looking for a mentor for them. Who do you want to learn from even if you paid? What things do you want to learn from him/her? :)

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    If I were a part of such a community, I think I'd like to see some mentors who have experience with a wide variety of startups (even if they aren't the founders), and also some mentors who have seen their own startups through to being very successful. The first makes me feel that I'll be getting advice that is generalizable and not just based on one business in one set of circumstances, the second makes me feel that I'm getting advice from people who have been there, done that, and achieved success.

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      Totally. I'm looking for like guys who you mentioned. Do you have criteria? @narthur For example, the founder who has an experience like fundraising over $10M or exit him/her company already.

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        Me, personally, I'm more interested in starting a business that could eventually support my family without fundraising, so advice that was aimed at helping me fundraise like crazy and find an exit wouldn't interest me. But that really depends on what kind of founders you're wanting to market to, of course.

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          @narthur Okay, thanks so much for your opinion. That's so helpful!

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    I'd pay to learn from some of the greatest inventors of our time like Kia Silverbrook or Shunpei Yamazaki. Learning how they see problems, their thought processes and how they arrive at a solution would be quite rewarding.

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      First time to hear about them. Their advice is worth hearing because they went through thousands of success and failure.

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    This is a VERY interesting idea. The thought processes of learning on the job and gaining experience makes wheels turn in my head. Love to see where you take this!

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      Thanks for your comment, @RyanHickman. It's so motivating to me a lot. I'm working on building a mentorship community organized by a successful founder. Monthly mentoring definitely help us to grow our own business than a few advice.

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