Landing Page Feedback March 9, 2019

Who else can review my landing page?


So I've been working on a software for a week or so and I feel like I should do more marketing before I finish it, so here is my landing page:

I got some feedback from friends and I've made some changes, but we all know that is barely feedback, so I would really love some feedback from you guys.

You can tell me:

  • What do you think the software does
  • What should I add to the page?
  • What should I remove from the page?

Thanks in advance for you time and if you need feedback for your product/landing page I would be happy to help!


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    I couldn't really understand what the software does... Is like GMail canned responses? Then, why would I use yours?

    You should add a better explanation of what problem you are solving...

    Today you can start using saved replies everywhere and save time

    Use the word save twice, today, but in practice you can't ("Join a waiting list"...)

    There is 1 founder 1 co-founder at the bottom. That is contradictory. Co-founders are equal, they are co-founding.

    1. 1

      Yes, it is like canned responses, but instead of getting them only gmail you can use them everywhere and also you can have images or formatted text, I don't know if gmail canned responses supports that.

      About the Founder/Co-founder part, you're right, I will change that.

      1. 1

        So, it is a plugin that you have developed? Or is it a desktop app?

        (The questions are not aimed at getting an answer, I am not your customer, but for you to think about your landing page...)

        1. 1

          It's a desktop app, what made you believe it was a plugin?

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    I'm sorry to say this, but i cant tell what your software does... in what context is the word "reply" is being used? do you mean "replying to an email"? What is the problem that you're trying to solve?

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      Well, reply to an email, to a forum post, to a IH comment and so on, but you're right, I think a better word to describe that would be message, not reply.
      The problem it solves: When you talk to your customer on facebook/over email/on forums, you have to type the same message over and over again because you will have a lot of customers with the same question...

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        Well you put it so eloquently here, and it makes total sense now, and i think its a good problem to solve! You just need to get better at explaining the benefit. "Stop Repeating Yourself", "Canned Answers at your fingertips" :)

        1. 1

          Thank you for the suggestions, I will implement them in the following days!

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    I honestly have no idea what your software does.

    I spend one good minute just staring at the main animation looping over and over again. All I can see is, "This is how works:", then bunch of text shows up and gone within 1 seconds, not sure what is the point.

    Since the image on the left is so eye catching, I can't really focus on reading the tagline on the right. Also, the tagline itself doesn't really says much about your service. All I can see is "SavedReplies - Use SavedReplies to save replies". Save replies of what and why do I need it?


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      "I spend one good minute just staring at the main animation looping over and over again." - we thought it's better to show what it does by a gif then to explain, but maybe it isn't.
      So basically when I've wrote ";ex" without the "" it expanded into another text, you have the saved replies/canned responses you would get from your helpdesk anywhere when you type, just by using short abbreviations that you can set.

      Edit: I've just checked your website and I like your product also it's so much cheaper the the alternatives, your landing page seems to be so simple, yet I've understood what your product does pretty fast, good luck with sales!

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        I think It's often a good idea to use gif to showcase your service, just that it happened too fast, maybe add longer pauses in between frames. Stretch out the gif length or in other word make it slower, and maybe more example other than ;ex.

        1. 1

          Thank you for your response, I was thinking that I should use 2 examples and both of them should expand less text so people have time to read it and understand what SavedReplies does exactly, what do you think?

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    Hi MMike,

    I put together my landing page checklist for founders in your position - it's an actionable summary of the biggest mistakes you're making, and how to solve them.

    Good luck!

    1. 1

      I've just looked into this, I will take a closer look into the following days and I will change things, thanks for sharing!

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    It took my computer more than 10 seconds to go pass the "loading" stage.

    1. 1

      Really? What browser and operating system do you have? I've check it even on speed test website and it isn't anything close to 10 seconds

      1. 1

        May it be edge problem. (Dont judge me for using it haha). In phone it loads instantly. I will try again when I get home.

        1. 1

          Haha, don't worry, please tell me if it's happening the same on other browsers too

          1. 1

            I tried again today. In my old pc (2gb ram) it takes years to load. I tested it in edge and Firefox, same results. Using phone or a better computer it loads almost instantly. Hope that info helps.

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