Ideas and Validation November 22, 2020

Who has a simple alternative to Google Analytics?

Denis Lin @denisjlin

I just built a landing page, want to track the standard stuff like page views, time on page, button clicks. I’ve used GA before and obviously it’s free so that’s cool, but wondering if any of you know of or built an alternative with a simpler, easier user experience (ideally with a generous free tier 🤪).

Of course, if it’s something made by a fellow indie hacker, tag them and show some ❤️

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    Here are a few more options in addition to the ones already mentioned by Rosie Sherry :

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      Cool! I’ll add these to the list of stuff to try. Have you used any of these urself?

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        i‘m building and we offer a free plan for websites with less than 5k events/month

        Let me know if you have any questions

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          oh nice that's super generous. i'll keep you guys in mind for something to try for my next site :)

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    Simple Analytics, Fathom and Plausible are all made by indie hackers and worthy of a look at.

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      +1 for plausible, iv been using them for a month now.

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      Awesome, I’ll check these out!! Thx 🙏

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