February 10, 2020

Who has started something new this month?

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Have you started working on or launched something new?

Share it in this thread for the chance to show it off and get feedback!

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    incubatorlist.com - a curated directory of startup accelerators & incubators

    I launched it last week as a side project. Currently, there are 250+ programs on the list, but I keep adding more and more. Looking forward to your feedback!

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      What if I want to add some programs but I'm not the owner or am not any part of the program it self? Like I've participated in several programs in Colombia, and I'd like to contribute to your site a bit, but the form points to my "program", but it's not mine per se.

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        You're definitely right Felipe, thanks a lot! I have updated the submission part based on your feedback. Feel free to contribute to the Incubator List!

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      How do you plan on monetizing this? I've thought of making similar sites in the past but long term viability doesn't seem possible.

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    I just launched a free version of https://oneprofile.info a couple of days ago.

    Now, everyone can create a modern personal about page on the internet for free.

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      This looks better than any of the profile page creator I've seen. Great work!! 🙂

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        Thanks, @faahim01! Hope you gave it a try and told your friends about it! I'm hoping to help more people create a page on the internet where it's free from social metrics like likes, comments, sharing, followers, and followings but can still be expressive and keep in touch with others.

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      it looks neat, well done

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        Thanks, @medyo! Hope you gave it a try.

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    I launched wagglio.co 2 days ago. It's a free budgeting app for LATAM folks. This is the first phase, the second phase includes price tracking for ecommerce sites (that is connecting your budget with a price tracker for X product you want to buy) so people can actually budget with a foot in reality.


    It has been 4 years in the works. If you are wondering why, it's because I didn't know how to code, do marketing or design:

    • It took me 1 year to learn JS, HTML and CSS,
    • 1 more to learn how to run FB Ads, do SEO and A/B testing
    • 1.5 years to learn ReactJS and NextJS and the whole NodeJS ecosystem (or at least the libraries I'm using)

    And while doing so, I got a job to sustain myself. Before that, I had just graduated from Civil Eng. and decided to jump ship and start my own thing.

    What a ride! Fun stuff, would recommended it 100%! Launch launch launch! Best feeling ever.

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      Cool idea! What's your plan for getting users?

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        My plan is two fold, get users through SEO (have several blog post in the works) and form a community, maybe I'll start with WhatsApp and then through the community spread referrals.

        The community will be about frugality and how to get the most bang for the buck in the cities where wagglio gathers users from. Things like, "hey guys there's a huge discount on TVs going on in X store in the city if you happen to pass by" or "did you guys know that Y brand has a 30% discount on vegetables all Fridays?" or "hey guys, found this product online, it's second hand, is the listed price fair?", things like that. Not sure yet if it will be worth it, but I'm happy to try it.

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          Good thoughts. You could also have a leaderboard for the people who are the most frugal or find the best deals and make them 'influencers' that others can follow.

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            Love it! Thanks!

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    I started working on a new side project! Nothing to share yet, but I did put together this tutorial on setting up my stack (with a template project):


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    SideHustler.Africa - a platform for African Side Hustlers to talk about their projects.

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      The "submit" button isn't working

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        Fixed. Thanks

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    Last week my friend and I launched The Wedge (wedgepolitics.com).

    It's the first thing I've launched in a long time so pretty stoked!

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      After taking a few questions the questions would be cut off, like half way through the one I'm on and the next one and by the last question I couldn't click the answers since they were on the left...this was on my office terminal (windows 7 enterprise & firefox) but I do love the site and the idea of it

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        Thank you for checking it out! Will have to look into that issue...

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      Taking the quiz now!

      This was really well designed both as a quiz and from a visual standpoint! I found a number of times where I knew I didn't want one of the options, but didn't care between the remaining options. I marked "No opinion" but I definitely knew what I DIDN'T want. It might be interesting to have a "Not this one" option 🤷‍♂️

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        Thank you for checking it out! That means so much!

        Noted on the feedback :)

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    Yes ! I started Taskwillow! https://www.taskwillow.com/ built it for myself because I am bad at managing emails. I launched it for anyone to use - Here's what it does.

    • Reads all the outlook emails I receive each day and marks the ones that are seeking a response

    • Add these emails to my to-do list

    • Reminds me periodically, so I don’t forget to respond to these emails

      feedback is welcome!!

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    This month I started writing a book on design patterns and techniques for Rails apps. It's been something I've wanted to do for years, but could never muster the courage. https://playbook-thirty-nine.mavenseed.com/

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      I read you write a book, do you know about http://leanpub.com. Maybe you considered it before launching your own solution. I started to write a technical book on it, it not as nice as latex but it does the job. Grammarly does not work in their proprietary web editor.

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        Thanks for the tip!

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    I just published http://sideproject-radar.colac.xyz/ - an automated scraper of side projects posted on my favourite subreddits.

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    I started private beta tests last week at Notimate.co. It's a simple SaaS where you can create on-site messages. You can use it to increase sales, promote related/popular content or guide your visitors.

    Maybe this month will be the official launch :)

    You can also join our waiting list now and reward a 40% lifetime discount.

    My website:

    PS. We looking for beta testers!

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    I've launched https://MenuPrices.io . What do you think?

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      Looks neat! What's the target audience here?

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        Thank you! Hungry eaters who're looking for the online menu of a specific restaurant

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          So you imagine a hyper list of menus across the globe? My guess here is that the way to get this data at that scale is gonna be the most difficult thing to do.

          I thought this was for travelers or for people with specific dietary needs. I feel like you might need a bit more segmentation on who your target audience is because the bigger the initial audience the harder it is to get to them.

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      Looks great! Curious how are you gathering all those data? 🙂

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        Thx! Even though the site is fresh, I've built the database in the last year from different sources

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    I started in January my work on Devolio, a social community for programmers! I found other online tech communities sometimes too click-bait or dull (Case in point of a post I just found:Top 13 useful JavaScript array tips and tricks you should know) or they were not focused on actual discussion (talking to people about tech is super interesting!).

    So I want to build this platform for programmers to share and engage with other fellow coders! :)

    Here are some progress pics:

    • profile design

    I'd love to hear what you think :smile:

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      Getting people to discuss the merits of a given software is very difficult. Slant does have a "structured conversation" approach, with a very easy way to contribute (by upvoting for instance), it feels like wiki but with a better user experience. See https://www.slant.co/topics/15491/~general-purpose-programming-languages#7

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        Oh well that isn't the purpose of this. Simply discussing the merits of software would be pretty boring, at least to me. No this would be a social community where fellow programmers would share what they are working on or new things they have learned for example

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    I've started on https://pinguiry.com
    With it, you can create single questions to be sent to a set of email addresses and all your recipients need to do is click on the option right in their email.

    I am still experimenting with the landing page, planning v2 features and thinking in which direction to take this to:

    • a marketing poll&questionnaire tool
    • user feedback collection tool by integrating to processes
    • close group collective decision making tool.

    I would appreciate any idea and any input!


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    I'm working on a series on how to become a better neighbor.


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    I put together http://copernic.space based on existing work in a different language in one week. I recycled 500 lines of code, but still I think it qualify as "something new".

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    https://tokyospark.com — technically not a new site, but pivoted into something new this month.

    I create visual sparks of knowledge about Tokyo, Japanese culture, and language.

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    pagecheck.app - frontend monitoring for developers
    growthcalculator.app - SaaS growth calculator
    Cella Crate - Software bundle for e-commerce

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    I feel this is a loaded question Rosie. I think for me it's less about starting something new and more about finishing off stuff and getting it out the door. That has been a struggle with two projects we're currently working on.

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      It's not meant to encourage people to unnecessarily start stuff, it's more an invitation and opportunity for those that are starting something new to share what they are up to. There are people at all stages of indie hacking that I try to cater for.

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        Yep. I get that 👍🏻 Just speaking from what I'm trying to do this month. 😎

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    This month I built my first ever electron app - https://elevator.wtf

    Still working to fine tune a few things before I fully release it, but it’s been a lot of fun and it’s something I’ve wanted to build for at least a few years now. Would love any feedback!

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    I'm currently building splitbee.io (sadly landing page is not ready yet).
    It's an Analytics & A/B testing tool that focuses on simplicity & speed.
    The bundle is just <3kb compared to ~40kb+ Google Analytics & others.

    If anyone wants to A/B test his page or just use analytics (combination of simple GA and Mixpanel user tracking) please hit me up! :)

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    I launched https://voxes.io today!

    It is feedback and roadmap management platform. There are still a few thing that I want to implement before starting a promotion of the product but I thing it is good time to go live and work with early adopters. I invite everyone looking for a product that will help you gather feedback from users and build right features :)

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    I'm creating an invoicing software for painting contractors, or really anyone who does repeat jobs based off an initial project bid. I have two customers lined up, my father, and brother. If that counts...🤣

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    I'm launching MakerList soon, which is a newsletter to help indie makers uplevel their businesses :)

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    I started to work on a personal finance app.
    By the way it would be super helpful if you could go through this questionaire:

    10 anonymous questions about your relationship to your finances.

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      Answered questions. But what is the idea?

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    jetly.io landing page is live.

    Building out a product demo video this week. Any advice guys?

    Check out jetly.io/blog to get the whole scoop on what we're building.

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    I launched vidpops.com - it makes it easy to collect video testimonials from customers.
    I'm currently seeking beta testers and am taking a rather scattergun approach to finding product market fit as I didn't really validate the idea before building.
    I'm excited about it because it's my first real product that I built myself thanks to no-code!

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    Just helped launch a silly game on Kickstarter as part of their #ZineQuest celebration of ttrpg products. I'm really proud of the video for the game.

    The game is a roguelike tabletop RPG called "Fight Planet!"

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    https://helloclouders.com - The easiest way to learn AWS with bite-sized content and daily questions

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    I've had a logo design product for almost a year now that's doing quite well. I've been contemplating the next evolution of the product and have started to make design prototypes. Basically, my existing takes a logo that a designer has completed and exports the hundreds of files that need to be sent to the client. This is a huge time saver for designers, but can still leave clients confused about what all the different files are for.

    I'm starting on a client-facing asset management tool that syncs with the logo tool. The aim is to make it dead simple for clients to find the right file, and even generate custom logo files if they need.

    Here is a demo I made to show my collaborators the general direction:

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    Hey, I am working on a Flag Features as a Service, is management platform to create and manage feature flags/toggles. I created a Ship page on Product Hunt. I love to hear feedback.

    Resume: Feature / Toggle flags is a new interactive way to test features under development in production. Quickly test certain features of your projects in real-time with your users. UpStamps offers a simple interface for creating flags with support for different plug-a-play SDKs for your projects.

    UpStamps: https://www.upstamps.com/

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    Yes! We made quite a big pivot and finally re-launched our transcription app for students on the Google Play store called Focus on Listening (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.focusonlistening.app)

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