Looking to Partner Up June 2, 2019

Who here has a co-founder?

Alison West @AKWest

I'm curious you guys! For those of you who have a co-founder, how did you meet?

Has anyone actually looked for a co-founder online and made it work?


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    I have a co-founder (https://www.indiehackers.com/alistairtweedie). We were both employees at the same company and I did the tech and he did the design. We worked really well together and decided to continue it into a side project.

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    I am also interesting in finding a co-founder. My initial plan is to go to Meet Up events in London and network with like minded people.

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    I meet my cofounder/partner/best-friend at our job. we smoke/talk/drink - then we decide to quit and make our own company. it was very cool process for a 5 years

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    Lol. Use me! it's clear like a blue sky

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    I had a co-founder on my last startup - met on linkedin then met over coffee to see fit. The one area I would be sure to examine is expectation alignment. If your co-founder has a full-time job or wants one and you are expecting full-time commitment to the startup that shows non-alignment if you want the opposite. Vesting docs can help. What made it work was alignment in goals and mutual agreement on what to do and not do.

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    Since you already have your venture up and running, a co-founder by definition would not exist. Perhaps you are looking for a partner? If so, ask why you want one. Capital? Workload management? Never forget equity is the most expensive currency you will spend. You did not ask for my advice but I would say avoid partnering unless potentials bring their own lunch. And plan your divorce before the marriage.

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    I'm a solo founder currently. But I had before. First is the case we met up in a shared house, second is the case my friend introduced him to me. I have never used but I found the sites for you.

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      Haha I've found these websites (actually I think cofoundderslab and founderdating merged a few years back). I was more looking to see if anyone had started a co-founder relationship not having known each other previously and had it work out well for them.