April 22, 2019

Who is building with Flutter?

Casey @makr

Hey everyone,

Hope you all had a great weekend!

I have recently decided that I wanted to check out the app industry again, after having left app making since 2017. I no longer own a mac(I do have a mini but it's only used for building Xcode projects) so I looked at RN and Flutter. I have found Flutter to be incredibly awesome.

Anyone else using Flutter?

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    I'm using Flutter right now to build out the mobile side of Never Second. I've found it to be pretty amazing. I use the iOS emulator, Android emulator, and my Android phone.

    The application is fast, has access to many of the native features of the devices, and, as you probably know, the write once capabilities. The dev side feels very React-like if you've used it. And, if you use the BLoC approach you get a redux-y feel too. Dart isn't my favorite, but I can get past that pretty easily. The ability to be able to drop down into Kotlin/Java and Swift/Obj-C is also a great feature. I've found it to be pretty fantastic.

    It's my first experience with mobile dev in ~5 years and I've been really impressed.

    Hope you continue enjoying it.

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    My experience with Flutter so far

    • great tooling integrated with vscode, debugger works great
    • hot code reload
    • solid widget library
    • easy to learn language (dart) you’ll be productive in just few days
    • lower RAM requirements for lower end android devices compared to reactnative

    There’s also work underway for desktop runtime.

    React/redux libs are ported. I didn’t yet fully made up my mind on that subj though. All flutter widgets could be built with futures and that might be a better approach to redux actions and reducers.

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    I just started out with it..and am considering it for my latest project...the best part is I don't have to use Android Studio and can do most of my work in vscode...and just use the emulator....

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    I've been happily using Flutter for my latest project. Can confirm the awesomeness.

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    Flutter is great and has a wonderful community.

    They're releasing hummingbird soon which looks awesome.

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    Xamarin Developer here - I've had a look at flutter, and used it briefly for some small apps to get familiar. It's a great cross platform framework with a lot of traction. If I didn't need to ship features asap with a technology I already know, then I'd definitely be spending more time with it. It's got the hot reload all mobile frameworks deserve, but not a fan of the lack of markup UI language.

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      Wait do you work for Xamarin?

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        no :P - xamarin is what I develop with to pay the bills :)

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