Who is the best mentor for you right now?

I am currently taking the course "Mentoring Training" from Dmitry Voloshin (Venture Partner at Fort Ross Ventures) and here is an idea that I remember and I want to share.

The ideal mentor is the person I want to become in two years. If not the whole person, then at least the result he has achieved.

For example, I am currently making a Health & Fitness product with $ 50k MRR revenue, and the goal is to make MRR for $ 1M. Here is my ideal mentor - a founder who has already gone this way. The partnership and help of such a mentor will make it possible to move faster and grow more confidently.

For the same reason, Elon Musk and Bill Gates are not suitable mentors for me. They are already literally flying in space: a completely different level of problems and tasks, revenue, philosophy. Yes, it's fun to talk to them, get inspired, get energized, and that's all, but otherwise, it is poorly relevant.

I myself can now confidently become a mentor for the founder and his team, who are just about to go my way - forming an idea, analyzing the market, calculating a business model, hiring a team, creating a product, entering the market, and launching marketing. If you are just such a founder - write to me, let's get to know each other, and just talk 😉


Have you ever felt like you need a mentor?
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    The big benefit I've found of the shift to remote is that mentors are not in greater supply! I've been able to more comfortably connect with founders/business figures globally to source advice and learn from.

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      In general, mentors don't really know that they are mentors or could be them. So it's definitely worth asking them if they want to be, right?)

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    I've been looking for mentors for ages but lockdowns have made it seem tricky.
    I would love a mastermind group of equally driven people to hold each other accountable & watch each other pursue greatness. There is value in a mentor who is above you but the relationship is one directional. Whereas if you have people who complement you it could theoretically be equally as powerful.

    I haven't yet found out HOW To find a mastermind group like this. If anyone knows please tell me.

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      I ran a platform for peer-to-peer mentorship but pivoted due to unscalability of the idea. In your place I'd look at https://founderscafe.io/
      I haven't been inside though.

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        Except founders cafe is $50/month...

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          Someone really hopes to find a complete solution for high quality mastermind groups? Either you find people yourself or be ready to pay for someone's service. To me it seems legit.

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          Does revenue really matter at this point?

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    Great thoughts. I totally agree with you when you say that every successful person can be your mentor. Thanks for reminding us about that

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    Since I could not find the one-and-only mentor I built my own virtual mentor based on quotes of humans that inspire me. It is simple HTML and open-source on GitHub.

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      wow really like the idea. There is a lot of mindfulness quotes that I like but have not collected in one place. What are your plans on this?

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        Learning/Experimenting... It`s the first paid Android app (Germany only) and the second hybrid Android app I published on Google Play Store.

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    I've not thougt about it before I read this. Would be great to find a mentor if EduTech. Any ideas how to find someone?

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      If I were you I would start with searching for startup founders in your Edu market who already achieved your goals but not your direct competitors. CrunchBase and Angel.co will come in handy for this) Good luck!

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        Good, valuable suggestion. Thank you for sharing.

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      @BillMcClare - I actually know someone who's worked at a Latin American EdTech company. He is also ex-Uber, happy to connect if you'd like! :)

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    Check out GrowthMentor.com - it's the only platform where for a reasonable monthly fee (paid quarterly) you can book unlimited free 1:1 calls with a curated/vetted pool of mentors that have verified track records of success growing startups.

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    This is great. This is exactly why we built Sparrow to help founders scale by helping them explore un-optimized parts of their business. Always down to chat shop or just talk startups if you'd like - https://www.sparrowtheapp.com/

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